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Clinical Review Research Committee Forms

CVM Informed Owner Consent Form for Teaching Laboratories
CVM Informed Owner Consent Form for Research

The CRRC committee strongly encourages researchers that are planning to submit formal proposals to the CRRC, to contact the representative from their respective department and allow them review the proposal prior to the official submission. This process ensures that proposals are written in proper format, and permits the CRRC representative to address specific items in the proposal with the researcher prior to the official review of the proposal by the committee. Below is a list of the current departmental and non-departmental CRRC members:


  • VIBS: Christine Budke (CHAIR)
  • VTPB: Mark Johnson
  • LARR: Elizabeth Browder
  • VLCS: Keith Chaffin
  • VMTH: Matt Miller
  • VTPP: Katrin Hinrichs
  • VSCS: Jorg Steiner
  • VMTH: Terry Stiles
  • Outside Representative - John Quarles (College of Medicine)
  • Community Representative - Foree Grove

Any questions regarding the use or completion of the following forms should be directed to Robin Benbow ( 979-845-5092.

All CRRC submissions must now be routed through the IACUC and must be accompanied by an AUP. Please note that the CVM uses different "Owner Consent Forms" than the rest of the University System (please see forms at the top of the page). Please visit the IACUC website for further details.