Infection, Immunity & Epidemiology


Faculty researchers working in the Infection, Immunity & Epidemiology (II&E) emphasis area focus on the basic principles of infection, immunity, and epidemiology with modern biotechnologies.

Those with an infection & immunity focus, are engaged in multidisciplinary research in animal, human, and ecosystem health involving mechanistic studies of microorganisms and disease, host-pathogen interactions, the immune system, and immunological disorders.

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Areas of research include:

  • infectious diseases,
  • zoonotic diseases,
  • vaccines,
  • development of adjuvants,
  • diagnostics development,
  • as well as comparative, developmental, and clinical aspects of
    • immunology,
    • bacteriology,
    • virology,
    • parasitology, and
    • pathology.

Those with an epidemiology focus, are engaged in studying the distribution and determinants of health-related conditions in both animal and human populations, with the goal of applying this knowledge to control disease and improve health. In order to accomplish these objectives, epidemiologists draw upon their expertise in medicine, biology, biostatistics/biomathematics, and social sciences.

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Areas of research include:

  • zoonotic diseases,
  • surveillance of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases,
  • international veterinary medicine and public health,
  • food safety,
  • biodefense,
  • infectious disease modeling, and
  • the ecology and molecular epidemiology of antimicrobial resistance.

Emphasis Area Leadership

If you have questions relating to this research emphasis area, please reach out to the tracks’ leadership.
Track Co-Leaders: Dr. Paul Morley | Dr. Sara Lawhon

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