Countdown to Happiness

As of today there are:

14 days until my last day of classes

21 days until I finish my last final

31 days until I am eligible to order my Aggie Ring = AWHOOP!

40 days until my brother’s wedding!

41 days until I get to move into my new apartment

42 days until I start summer school

As the semester is coming to an end, there is still so much that needs to get done. This is the time where undergraduates have strap on their life vests and get ready for the wave of finals that are about to hit. Though I may be a little dramatic, finals are definitely going to be tough. Sometimes it may feel like you are drowning, as finals are cumulative, but it isn’t that bad. The best advice I can offer for college students is to stay calm and get some sleep. Not sleeping, cramming, and freaking out are some of the worst things that a student can do before finals. Just remember, everything is going to be okay, and it will be over before you know it.

On a different note, something that helps me stay focused and sane during this time is thinking about all upcoming events following our dreaded exams. As you can see from my countdown to happiness, there is so much to be excited for, and it makes it worthwhile, having to work hard to get there. So to all who happen to read this: BTHO finals, and may the curve be ever in your favor!