My ‘Last’ Summer

As I write this blog entry, I have just finished my eighth final exam and have now officially completed my second year of veterinary school! “Whoop” to being “half” of a DVM! Second year has been challenging, but it also has been filled with new and exciting knowledge, as well as great memories like receiving my white coat! The end of the year is always an exciting time, but this year it means that I’m now entering my last summer break EVER.

The summer between your second and third years of veterinary school is the final summer break that you will get as a veterinary student because there is only a one-weekend break between the end of your third year and the start of you fourth-year clinical rotations. Therefore, I’m determined to make this summer count, with a lot of fun and interesting veterinary experiences planned for the summer. I also have left myself some time toward the end of the summer to simply relax and enjoy family and friends before starting my third year.

In just 10 short days I will be leaving for Cusco, Peru, to volunteer on a World Vets trip to conduct a large-scale sterilization program in the area. I’m excited to experience Peru’s unique culture, assist the veterinary team with health consultations and spays and neuters for local pets in the area, and visit the famous Machu Picchu!

Shortly after I arrive back in the United States, I will be moving to the Houston area to participate in a six-week internship with a local Banfield clinic, where I will gain further clinical experience and learn more about corporate-style veterinary medicine. I’m excited to put into practice some of the skills that I have learned this year, like reading radiographs and blood work results, while interning.

Once I’ve completed my six-week internship, I’ll be jetting off to Belize for a week-long family vacation and then will return home to Boerne to spend some time with my family and friends, as well as shadow at two of the local veterinary clinics that I’ve been going to for years.

I’m excited to start my summer and enjoy this much-deserved break! However, I know that it will come to an end sooner than I expect. That’s not such a bad thing, though, because I’m looking forward to my third year, as it will be filled with our medicine classes and many interesting electives that are geared more toward our individual interests in veterinary medicine!