Intensive Care Unit

In order to offer much needed space for improved critical care and emergency facilities, a portion of the Small Animal Hospital must undergo extensive remodeling. This will triple the size of Intensive and Intermediate Care facilities.

This fund will include support for expanded and improved anesthesia induction facilities and a new endoscopy room. The small animal medical and surgical faculty representing numerous medical disciplines will have opportunities to treat animals in critical health situations, while being enabled to demonstrate new techniques and treatments to our veterinary students.

In the course of surveying some of the 6,000 practicing veterinarians in the state of Texas, a recurring theme has been the need for additional education in emergency and critical care medicine. The facility cost is estimated at $2,000,000. Additional staffing would be assured by two endowed professorships at $500,000 each. The emergency triage room could be named for $100,000. Many other giving opportunities exist to provide a STAT laboratory, equipment, runs, and cages, down to $400 for a freezer for plasma storage.

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