The Office of Veterinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM)
hosts the annual Veterinary Innovation Summit (VIS) and coordinates the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy (VEA).

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 Veterinary Innovation Summit

Veterinary Innovation Summit

Join Us for this One-of-a-Kind Event
April 3–5, 2020—College Station, Texas

Veterinarians today are playing a more significant role and having a more substantial impact on the world than ever before. They are developing new therapies to treat cancer, containing the spread of disease, supporting disabled people through animal assistance programs, promoting the human-animal bond, combating climate change and addressing food security. Veterinarians are quite literally transforming the lives of people and our society each and every day.

This April, we’ll celebrate, explore and enhance the Veterinary impact on the world at the Veterinary Innovation Summit. You won’t want to miss it!
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The Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy is a unique 12-week program that combines startups, students, universities and veterinary practices to accelerate animal health innovation.

The goal of the VEA is to educate, inspire, and activate veterinary students as they are transformed into future leaders and innovators within the veterinary and pet industries. It is designed to empower these students with the mindset and skills to thrive in the changing world of animal health.

By combining a summer curriculum in entrepreneurship with a practical internship in a startup company, we deliver a unique program which advances student learning and accelerates new products and services from some of industry’s most promising companies.


“[The program] not only gave me the tools and experiences to see this profession in new and imaginative light, but also encouraged me to change the status quo for the sake of our patients, clients, and fellow employees.”

“Other students and I have learned business principles, built a network, and further developed our knowledge and experience of what veterinary medicine means.”

“VEA has exposed me to a coming world of digital innovations that will transform the veterinary field.””

“As a partner company aiming to enter the veterinary market with little experience, the VEA program provided us with access and expertise that directly formed our go-to-market strategy. The work we did with this summer played an integral role in our central decision making process, which would not have been possible without the VEA program.”

“Working with the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy and Adam, Aaron, and Caitlin has really helped Voyce be top of mind with TAMU CVM’s clinics, and having a student to dig deep into our technology, by learning it, using it, and communicating it to other students and faculty has given us great insights that we couldn’t have had otherwise.”

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