2023 VMBS International Photo Contest: RESULTS

Which photos won?

Look below for the results!

One winner in each of the 4 categories and a grand prize plus two honorable mentions were elected.

Many thanks to the following sponsors, who donated generous prizes for our winners (in alphabetical order)!

Category A. Aggies Abroad: Transformational education, connecting, research, & the Aggie way

Giraffe Transport
Photo A1

Limpopo Province, South Africa:

Veterinary students Hailey, Sammi, Shayla, and Kadden handle one of multiple ropes used to guide a giraffe into a trailer for transport. Giraffes are blindfolded to reduce stress. This photo captures an example of the intricacies of safely transporting African wildlife.

Dissection Theatre
Photo A2: 1st PLACE WINNER in this category!

Photo submitted by Emily Leeke

Das Tieranatomische Theater,
Berlin, Germany:

This is a veterinary anatomic dissection theater that opened in 1790. Cadavers were raised through the circle on the floor. The architect of this facility was Gotthard Langhans, who also built the Brandenburg Gate.

Impacting Youth
Photo A3

San José, Dominican Republic:

As we walked from house to house to provide veterinary care to the animals in this small village, the children tagged along and enjoyed visiting with us. Many smiles and much laughter were shared between these children and us.

Aggie Ring Colosseum
Photo A4

The Colosseum, Rome, Italy:

Il Colosseo in Italian – it was an amazing sight.

Field Work Chad

Photo submitted by Dr. Gui Verocai

Djanta Marba, Chad:

Collecting a blood sample from a dog and vaccinating it against rabies in a village in Chad during field work with the Carter Center’s Guinea Worm Eradication Program.

Category B. Aggies & Animals

Black Agouti
Photo B1

Hojas Anchas Armenia, Quindio, Colombia:

The black agouti (Dasyprocta fuliginosa) is a South American species. It is found in the northwestern Amazon, i.e., in southern Venezuela, eastern Colombia, eastern Ecuador, western Brazil, and northeastern Peru.

Pure Happiness
Photo B2

Limpopo Province, South Africa:

Taking care of this pregnant zebra as we transported her back to her home pasture so she could get ready to give birth fulfilled a life-long passion for me.

Learning Walk

Photo submitted by Dr. Sarah Hamer

Comapa, Jutiapa, Guatemala:

Learning to walk with the locals on her 1st birthday.

Actually Hero
Photo B4

Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India:

Two adult captive female forest Indian elephants with their riders (Mahouts) and a calf. These elephants are legally managed by the state government. Forest elephants like these help park rangers fight forest fires, hunt poachers, and do other amazing tasks that only these mighty heroes can do. And the little one in this picture, who was so naughty that day at our treatment camp, will one day join her mother’s legacy.

Mothers Love
Photo B5: 1st PLACE WINNER in this category!

Photo submitted by Kaitlyn Pederson

Hluhluwe, South Africa:

While making our way back to the park gates, we came around a bend to this special sight: a mother rhino with her small calf nursing at her side.

Category C. Aggies Appreciating the World Abroad: Culture, iconic sites, landscapes, cityscapes, & more

Tigers Nest

Photo submitted by Suyin Davison

Paro, Bhutan:

Tiger’s Nest is a cliff side Buddhist monastery build in the 9th century. Daily, both locals and tourists climb this Himalayan mountain to get a glimpse of this magical location in the clouds.

Afternoon Venice
Photo C2

Venice, Italy:

Every twist and turn of this maze-like city brought a new view of the canals and a new wonder. This is one view of the labyrinth of canals through the homes of Venice.

Santo Domingo Caves
Photo C3: 1st PLACE WINNER in this category!

Photo submitted by Michaela Lehmann

Caves of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic:

Our group had a day off to explore some of the capital’s
attractions. We walked through several caves to reach this beautiful view in the heart of the Santo Domingo.

Food Safety Phenom Phen
Photo C4

Phenom Phen, Cambodia:

Texas A&M University and USDA-FAD partnered to develop an international training program on food safety. The team traveled to Cambodia and discovered that some risks to food security are also iconic food sources to the citizens of Cambodia. The team enjoyed a cheeseburger topped with fried spider and garnished with grasshoppers and silkworms.

Sunset Suwon
Photo C5

Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, South Korea:

In South Korea, historic palaces and fortresses are preserved even in modern cities. It demonstrates the importance they place on remembrance and restoration projects, as the culture of a people is directly tied to its history. Forget the history, lose the culture.

Category D. Experiencing Aggieland: International VMBS members sharing their photo experiences of Aggieland

Cold Doesn't Bother Me Anyway
Photo D1

College Station, TX, USA:

One day during SNOW-VID (February 2021), I bundled up, braved the cold, and enjoyed the beautiful wintery weather and white campus views while checking some emails using the campus WIFI as mine was limited by the rolling power outages.
This image reminds me that even in the darkest of times, there is a solution to any challenge you’re facing.

White Night
Photo D2: 1st PLACE WINNER in this category!

Photo submitted by Floris Dröes

College Station, TX, USA:

When I came to Texas, people said it rarely
snows here. This “night and white” view of VENI captures a unique memory of this special occurrence. The image has something daunting, beautiful, and peaceful to it.