Texas A&M SAVMA Practice Partners Program

The Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) is very supportive of our veterinary students interacting and developing relationships with veterinary colleagues regarding future professional employment opportunities.

In order to assure those relationships are an educational, efficient, and equitable use of time and resources, the VMBS and our Students of the American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA) Chapter have collaborated to develop a program to benefit students and our veterinary colleagues seeking to employ veterinary students.

This program, Texas A&M SAVMA Practice Partners, is outlined below and will be the only method for practices to interact with students with exception of the annual Texas A&M VMBS Veterinary Job & Externship Fair, held each fall.

Texas A&M SAVMA Practice Partners will have the opportunity to introduce their clinics and engage with veterinary students through the VMBS SAVMA chapter. SAVMA is a student-led organization that works to support unique educational opportunities for Texas A&M veterinary students.

SAVMA offers the following benefits to each practice partner (PP):

  • Two posts, limited to 400 words each, per semester with information of choice from the PP to be circulated to all veterinary students through the Practice Partner Digest. The PP Digest is an electronic news digest sent out monthly from SAVMA to all veterinary students and will contain PP news.
  • Recognition at each educational event sponsored by SAVMA with funds raised through the PP program. A banner recognizing all PPs will be displayed at each event sponsored using funds from the PP program.
  • Participation in the Practice Partners Exhibition – this one-day exhibition will occur once per semester and will be held on a weekend. PPs will be provided the date a minimum of four months in advance. At the Practice Partner Exhibition each PP will:
    • Be provided a 20-minute time slot for a large group presentation to share information regarding the practice. This session will be recorded and posted to HireAggies for six months for students to watch at will.
    • The opportunity to interact with students at the Practice Partners Exhibition during breaks between sessions and during a reception provided by SAVMA at the on-campus event.
    • The ability to distribute “goodie bags” (limit of $30 value per bag) at the Practice Partners Exhibition. PPs must identify what will be in the bags in advance to SAVMA.
    • Ability to distribute informational pamphlets about the practice to students during the Practice Partners Exhibition.

A payment of $500 per semester is required from each PP. These funds will be used to support SAVMA’s mission of providing high-quality wet labs, bringing in outside guest lecturers, and supporting veterinary student clubs.

SAVMA looks forward to engaging with you as one of our practice partners.

»Download a PDF of the Practice Partners One-Sheet