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CGS - Membership

The benefits of becoming a member will be explained (such as the participation to the famous GutSki and GutSea events and the access to the network of specialists in veterinary gastroenterology science) and provides information about the By Laws and Articles of Incorporation.

About CGS

Information about the CGS and its purpose and its structure and officers. It is also explained that the idea for the original CGS website came from Prof. Dr. Robert J. Washabau who also created the first version of it (Former Resource).


  • Access to the latest newsletter as well as to the archive of past newsletters
  • Also included are minutes from the board meetings.
  • New information about the duties for members of the board of the CGS

CGS Sponsored Programs/ Awards

We are proudly in the position to present our sponsored CGS programs, that are:

  • CGS/ Iams-Eukanuba Professional Development Awards (Gut Ski/ Gut Sea Travel Grants)
  • CGS Waltham Research Grant;
  • Summer Student Scholar
  • DDW Travel Grant

Furthermore we gladly list the necessary information about requirements and eligibility for these grants/ awards as well the previous winners.

The deadlines for the CGS sponsored programs are as follows:

Program Deadline for Application
CGS/ Iams-Eukanuba Professional Development Awards (GUT SKI and GUT SEA Travel Awards) October 15 2014
CGS/Waltham Research Grant October 15, 2014
CGS Veterinary Student Summer Research Scholar Program February 1st 2015
CGS Digestive Diseases Week (DDW) Travel Awards January 15, 2015

We have also added a new type of award to this section, the lifetime membership award for extraordinary contributions to the field of comparative gastroenterology.

Results of oral presentation and poster awards at ACVIM 2012.

Contact / Disclaimer

Here you find the contact details of the webmaster as well the Disclaimer.

CGS Guidelines

Information about the CGS guidelines on equipment such as Endoscopy and courses.


Job Opportunities within the veterinary world.


Links to sources of interest, such as universities, online databases, etc.

Contact Us Please send your feedback to kallenspach@rvc.ac.uk

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