Becoming an Upperclassman

This past summer I was busy with working at my mom’s vet clinic back home and fostering a kitten. Even though it felt like I was always working or feeding the kitten, I loved it. There was always a client who brightened my day, and the foster kitten was so sweet and adorable. I am proud to say that she did get a wonderful home (Mom was especially happy since that meant I didn’t keep her).

Now the summer is over, and the school year has started. I know this year will be exciting and scary all at them same time. This is my junior year, which means I have one more year until I graduate and hopefully go to vet school. As scary as it is, I think this year will be one of the best! One reason is that I should be getting my Aggie ring this spring. In order to get your Aggie ring, you have to complete 90 credit hours, and I should complete my last few hours before spring. I know it is still months away, but I cannot wait until the spring semester comes! Since I come from an Aggie family and am one of the youngest in my family, I am the only one without a ring.

There is so much to keep me busy while I wait for the spring semester to come. I am already busy with classes and studying, and it is Aggie football season! I already have a few tests coming up these next couple of weeks. It helps that since I am now an upperclassman, I have courses I enjoy more instead of the basic courses. Even though I am taking better courses, I still have to study a lot. So, looking forward to game days on Saturdays helps me get through each week. I am so excited to see what I will learn this year and what else this year has in store for me.