First Week of School

The first week of school has been incredible hectic.  All the responsibilities really jumped up on me suddenly.  Between school, work, and being a leader for my writing club, I was busy trying to get ready for everything.  I had a hugely busy, but rewarding, summer.  I shadowed a veterinarian and stay with his family on their pony farm.  For a week I was feeding around twenty ponies by myself.  I learned so much from the experience of the summer and it was an amazing opportunity I was grateful to have had.  My dog, Ziva, went up to stay with my family in Colorado and as a trade, I am keeping the small dogs and my cat because they don’t get along with my dog.  Ziva is getting some great training in Colorado and enjoys all the walking and hiking my family is doing with her.  And I’m enjoying my cat and the two little boys in the mean time.  All three love to cuddle, so that makes for a little competition for lap space.  The cat usually wins.  But lucky for the dogs, there are my two roommate to provide belly rubs.  They can’t go on long walks in this heat, but they do enjoy the big backyard they have to themselves.  I’m sure they enjoy being able to play around outside because they don’t get to in Colorado do to the carnivores that could get small things like them.  Now they are about to patrol there own territory and keep out those dangerous squirrels and birds.  They do almost as well as the German Shepherd did, with less damage to the blinds.  But Ziva is making great progress at home; hopeful she will be able to live with other animals soon.  With a lot to do this year, I’m trying to keep ahead of everything and am so far doing well.  This may turn out to be a busy year, but I really think I will be enjoying it.