Life Update

This semester will be my second as a junior in Biomedical Sciences. Classes are going extremely well so far, and I am actually looking forward to my first round of tests that will be coming up next week. As my career as a student furthers, I’ve noticed that test taking becomes less stressful and more of a challenge at which I want to excel. The one thing I try to keep in mind at the beginning of each semester is to start off strong and work hard, as it sets the standard of your work ethic for the rest of the semester.

On a different note, this semester I have begun to volunteer at a local clinic where I am able to assist both the nurses and physicians with the patients. I have also decided to improve my Spanish, as I have realized how important it is to communicate with patients in a language they are more comfortable speaking. I believe improving my Spanish will be both crucial and beneficial in the work place, especially if I want to go into the medical field.

Though school has just started, I am definitely looking forward to the end of the semester, as my oldest brother will be getting married in May, and I will have enough hours to order my AGGIE RING. WHOOP!