Reunited and It Felt So Good

Spring Break just passed, and it was amazing; after not seeing my older brother for three months due to his internship, it was the best thing of it all. We got to get lunch and catch up as well as see our favorite genre of movie: horror. We later went out and listened to Roger Creager with a group of friends at Rio Frio Fest in Concan, Texas. (Kudos to him for surviving a 4-hour drive with me.) It was a great way to end it, and I’m so excited for this coming month.

April is big for many reasons. My birthday is to come in a couple days, and my older brother is coming up to see me, as well as part take in Chilifest. Also, the week after, his internship ends, and he’ll be back for the rest of the semester. Although he loves to push my buttons, he has been the real push for me and my academics. I’m grateful to have him, and soon to have him back without a 300-mile distance between us.