A New Opportunity

It seems like the fall semester just began, yet here we are at the beginning of a new semester. To my fellow students: whether the last semester was your best or your worst, you should be excited for the blank canvas in front of us both. I hope I’m not alone in feeling that last semester blew right past me at whirlwind speed. That being said, it’s exciting to think about how I’m starting my second half of my second year at Texas A&M.

I am excited to start my second half of my journey here. The idea of getting my Aggie ring is also one that excites me, and a new semester means I’m one step closer to that. As we all start the new semester, I believe we should remember a few things that will hopefully lead to success.

1)   Get a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing what something as simple as getting a good amount of rest can do for you.

2)   Eat a good breakfast. I know this sounds cliché and may not be for everyone, but I really find that a good breakfast sets me up for a good day.

3)   Don’t let the stress get to you. I know this one isn’t as easy to follow as the others, but it may be the most important. Stress can weigh heavily on your physical and emotional wellbeing, so remember to take a breather here and there. Things will be alright.

4)   STUDY. This one probably needs the least explanation, but it’s something I always seem to need a reminder to do…

Overall, I hope and expect this to be a great semester full of great new memories. Here’s to hoping the same for all of you other students out there.