An Exciting Year

This year is my senior year and I will be graduating in May. That is kind of scary to think about how close it is. I have always looked forward to graduation, but now it is less than a year away. I will spend this year enjoying my last year of undergrad before hopefully going to veterinary school. I have sent in all my applications, so I keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.

I am excited for this year. I have a few classes that I feel like I will enjoy this year. One of my classes I am taking is companion animal science. It is a class where we learn about cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, hamsters, and other pocket pets. That’s the area I want to go into when I become a veterinarian, so it is really interesting to me. They also have guest speakers who are involved in showing dogs, racing dogs, or other people who own reptiles and other animals. I am not as excited about the reptile speakers because I don’t like snakes, but it is still interesting.

The other class is my anatomy class. It is a really challenging class because it has a lot of information but it is really interesting. We have lab where we can see the muscles we actually talk about in lecture so it helps to understand the information. It is a hands-on lab, where my lab partners and I work together in order to do the dissection. We actually get to learn the information than just watching someone else do it.

I have also been to both of the home football games already. They were very hot but very exciting. My whole family and I watch Aggie football so the football season is definitely the highlight of the year. I can’t wait for our next home game and for the rest of the year as I make lots of memories.