How Time Flies

Changing the calendar from November to December signifies two very important upcoming events in my life—final exams and family time! Only five finals and a 2,000-mile journey separate me from a month-long break back home in California.

And like any eager and excited 1VM, you can be sure that I’ll be packing my fancy stethoscope that Texas Veterinary Medical Association gifted each of us back in August at orientation! After all, there is a dog, horse, and two goats at home just waiting for me to practice my physical examination skills on them. But, don’t go thinking that I’ll be spending every waking moment of my break in veterinary student mode! In addition to “Proud 1VM,” I acquired another special title this semester: maid of honor. My very best friend, who just so happens to also be my identical twin sister, recently became engaged while on vacation in Iceland! So, as one could imagine, I have all sorts of wedding planning to help with when I get back to California, and I couldn’t be any more excited.

Changing the calendar from November to December also means that we just celebrated Thanksgiving, which I spent with 105,000 Aggie friends at Kyle Field. I may not have known exactly what to yell or when to “WHOOP!” but I had so much fun anyway. Obviously, Thanksgiving is a great time to express what we’re thankful for, but there is truly not a day that goes by that I don’t walk into our new veterinary school and think about how grateful I am to be a veterinary student at Texas A&M. I’ve only been a veterinary student for 15 weeks, and already I have had so many wonderful experiences. Some of my favorites from the semester include weekly Food Animal Rounds, the Food Animal Wet Lab, BP (Bovine Practitioners) meetings and BP Herd Work. I also had the opportunity to help out with the Veterinary Biomedical Education Complex Grand Opening that took place on November 11, which was such a cool day to be part of.

For many others, changing the calendar from November to December means that Texas A&M veterinary school interview invites will be going out within the month!!! It really seems like just yesterday I was so anxiously waiting to hear back…. crossing days off my countdown and obsessively checking my email every two seconds. If you’re currently in this boat, I’m sure you can relate to this. For those who soon receive the good news, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Go into your interview with a smile and confidence. Have fun and you will do well. If the news isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, I can also relate to this! The best advice I can offer here is do a file review and stay strong. Everything works out when it is supposed to 🙂