Looking Back and Pushing Forward

It amazes me how two years can go by. It also amazes me that two years is all that is left of my undergraduate career. These past years at Texas A&M University have helped me achieve my goal of preparing for professional school though studying and rigorous science courses.

Rewind to freshman year, the fall of 2014. I started as a biomedical science major, and today I am proud to say that I have stuck with it and have added of an anthropology minor. I definitely found myself in college and have been working on figuring out life.

I am a first-generation student and am attending Texas A&M. I am a very positive person and even if my stress level is at its max. I choose to laugh and bring light to my life by keeping positive. I believe every person contributes to the people they meet in life. Knowing that I can change the world motivates me. I am a type of person who is happy to get to know strangers. I push myself because I know what I do now is shaping my career and me as a person. My parents came here to America to give me a better life, and I hold that near to my heart everyday. I keep positive and grow everyday, just wondering about what will be. I have a dream that can only be achieved if I work for it.

I am a young activist. As a junior at TAMU, I am working for my future. My plans are to become a physical therapist, and my ultimate goal is joining the Peace Corps upon retirement. I want a life full of impacting lives, and this motivates me everyday. I am 20, with a life plan that pushes me to work hard. My ability to focus, big dreams of helping others, and my personality lead me to help give back to my community.