Putting it all together

As my time in the classroom comes to an end, I get more and more excited. Moving to the clinical phase of veterinary school is what everyone dreams of when they begin the journey. The closer it gets, the more I am beginning to reflect on the time I had in the classroom and everything that my wonderful teachers have instilled in me.

When I began school here, I was taken aback by how much classroom time we had versus how much time we got to spend in the hospital shadowing veterinarians and improving our clinical skills as future veterinarians. It seemed like we would never get to the point that we had all longed for. Each day that I get closer to being in the clinic and learning the skills and knowledge it takes to become a veterinarian, I stop and think about how much I have learned over the past three years in the classroom.

It may not have been the most fun at times, but now I appreciate all the tedious aspects of learning that our teachers made us do. I used to think that we would never use half the stuff they taught us and that they were just doing it to put us through a grueling test schedule, so we would learn what the life of a veterinarian was like, constantly working and having to adapt to learning new things. This was not the case. I have learned so much about veterinary medicine in my short time here and am thankful for the wonderful teachers that are here at Texas A&M University to provide us with the best knowledge that the veterinary world has to offer.