Spring Break Fever

You probably understand what its like to wait for a break from school. I just keep looking forward to that final class at the end of the week before spring break. I keep telling myself I won’t bring anything home to do for school; although I know that isn’t true.

Waiting isn’t the worst part though. The worst part is the week leading up to the break, when my mind wants to take a mental break, but my classes have definitely not taken a break. I still have homework, quizzes, and tests this week—plus none of my classes have gotten cancelled. Now, all of these things are normal, but in my mind—and the minds of other students—I have come close to already taking my mental break. I haven’t yet, but after everything is done, there is nothing holding me back.

A piece of advice for when you are in college…don’t do this. Just don’t. If you are constantly looking forward to the break it is so hard to prepare for what you have the week before a break. I would know because I’m in that position right now. Will I end up preparing well and getting everything done? Yes. Will it be more stress than is necessary? Most definitely.

Spring break is nice because it is time to rest and see friends and family, but the time leading up to and immediately following spring break can be tough because tempting to start the break early or extend the break. Just be prepared because you too will likely face this struggle. Whether it be with breaks from school or work, this struggle will always be there.