Springtime Means Puppy Time

Can you believe it’s already mid-April? I feel like I took a nap in January and just woke up in April. The spring semester always goes by SO quickly. The last exams in most classes are happening right now so students everywhere are stressing and drinking way more coffee than normal.

Right now is not a time to get a new puppy, but of course that is exactly what I did. My mother recently rescued a Yorkshire terrier mix that we share. I get her for about a week every two weeks. The puppy’s name is Sushi, and she’s the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my life. She’s an energetic ball of wily hair that weighs three pounds, so of course she’s spoiled rotten.

When we first adopted her, I was set that she would never get on the couch or sleep in the bed or own a ton of toys. She quickly found a loophole to getting on the couch by climbing up legs, she sleeps right next to me on my bed, and she now is the proud owner of nine toys. She wins the heart of everyone that sees her.

This past weekend, I took her for a walk around the pond behind the George Bush Library and Museum on campus. Every single person who passed us by either said “Aw” or stopped to pet her.

Thankfully, Texas A&M has multiple libraries so that there are places that I have been able to go whenever my apartment gets too distracting (or whenever my puppy gives me that sweet look that makes me want to cuddle with her).