Letting Life Lead

I had a lot of big moments in 2017, most of which were not planned. Looking back, I see that many of my favorite moments were decisions I made on a whim—to travel, to grow, to take opportunities. Last year was the year of receiving the beauty that is the Aggie ring, seeing my beautiful 91-year-old grandma in Vietnam, helping rebuild a home in Oklahoma for the sweetest family, and falling in love with California when visiting universities for graduate programs. These were the beginning of my senior-year memories that will make me cherish my undergraduate days for years to come.

Chau in California
Chau visited California to learn more about the area’s Doctor of Physical Therapy programs.

On the first day of class this semester, one of my professors introduced himself by first relating to undergraduates. His motive as an undergraduate was to just “get out” and become a veterinarian. But then he added a twist. Along the way and with the mentality to just “getting out,” he found another passion—a passion for teaching, a pathway that made him come back to academia after practicing as a veterinarian, graduating with a second doctorate, and continuing the process that he wanted to get out of. His moral importance for the class was to say follow where life takes you.I came into 2018 with nothing but positivity because I have been waiting for this year since 2014, my freshman year.

And at that moment, I related. I reminisced about my path in college to now and how I stumbled into my passion for physical therapy and to my growth as a student. I can say that this ongoing, four-year journey has changed me. but it is the change that has given me my dedication to strive and be here.

I like to live my life by Einstein’s words of being “passionately curious,” my constant need to question and search for answers through the people around me. So what will I be curious about this semester? A capstone style BIMS writing course, immunology, microbiology, and a neuroscience class. Yes, after three-and-a-half years of hard work, I am excited to announce my interest is in my set of classes this semester! I am on my second week and I am a whirlwind of emotions. I find myself loving my classes every day, even when the workload is massive. I see myself aspiring to be like my professors and express such passion for the sciences. I see my future just beginning as I get through these four months.

2018, the long awaited year, is now, and I cannot express how fortunate I feel for the people I have met and the relationships I have had. This semester I get to balance my classes, student activities, shadowing, GRE prepping, graduate school applications, and, most importantly, studying. And I am really excited!

Right now, I am letting life lead me.