Exploring Coffee In College Station

By Kara K. ’27, B.S. in Animal Science student

A pair of iced coffee drinks on a white table with two English muffin sandwiches.

Moving to a new city as a freshman in college can be daunting; however, as both a lover of coffee and a student in need of a good place to study, I have been relieved by the numerous coffee shops open in Bryan-College Station (BCS). There has always been something about the smell of freshly ground coffee mixed with the subtle stir of people that puts me at ease and helps me to focus while studying. Therefore, when moving to College Station, I was determined to take advantage of this town’s variety of ‘hole-in-the-wall’ coffee shops that give the town so much character. I’ve written down the coffee shops that I’ve visited so far in BCS and what makes them so special to me.

Gough Gough Coffee Company

The first coffee shop I visited in College Station was Gough Gough Coffee Company, which is located off of Highway 6. Gough Gough is definitely one of my go-to coffee shops especially when I’m wanting a quick grab-and-go cup of coffee due to their quick services and delicious coffee. This family-owned shop has some of the friendliest workers because they are always attentive to the customers. On top of the friendly staff, Gough Gough has very reliable Wi-Fi, which is perfect for long study sessions that are fueled by caffeine from their delicious coffee.

POV Coffee House

POV Coffee House in Bryan is also another go-to for me. Something that is unique about POV, other than their beautiful building and aesthetic decoration, is their delicious coffee. If you are a fan of the taste of coffee, POV is perfect for you. POV never fails to have their coffee beans roasted to perfection to create some of the most unique and flavorful beverages I’ve ever tasted. This is definitely one of my favorite spots to meet with friends and simply enjoy and delicious cup of coffee

Carport Coffee

Another popular coffee shop that I made sure to venture to during my first year at Texas A&M was Carport Coffee. Carport Coffee is another beautiful establishment that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also produces coffee that is pleasing to the tastebuds. One of the most standout parts of Carport is their food. Any food item that I have tasted here has been very delicious and has remained unrivaled by any other coffee shop. Not only does Carport have delicious food, but it is also conveniently located right off University Drive and is within walking distance from main campus.

A college student sitting at a table in the corner of a coffee shop with the thumbs up gesture.

Sweet Eugene’s

The College Station classic, Sweet Eugene’s, was another coffee shop that was on my list to try. Something that is unique to this family-owned shop is the funky and cozy atmosphere, which makes for a whimsical coffee shop experience. Not only does Sweet Eugene’s have a unique appearance, it also has a unique menu that is fully stocked with delectable baked goods all day long. As for their coffee, it definitely stays true to their name in the sense that Sweet Eugene’s never fails to provide an extra sweetness to their coffee which makes this shop perfect for a little sweet treat.

Every coffee shop that I’ve tried has been unique, but what they all have in common are delicious coffee, immaculate customer service, and great places to study or just sit and chat with friends. Exploring the different coffee shops in BCS has been so comforting and has provided so many great memories with my friends. This coffee adventure has instilled excitement in me for the coming years of college because there are still many more coffee shops here in BCS to try!