Almost Goodbye

As the semester slowly comes to a close, stress levels are rising and finals are approaching, but as I look back on the semester, I realize I’ve had one of the best of my college career. I came into this semester so determined and motivated to do very well because the semester before wasn’t as good as I had hoped. One of my classes, Organic Chemistry 2, was thought to have been the hardest class of this semester, but turns out the well-dreaded class might the one in which I’ll get a “A” in. The amount of hard work and long nights I’ve put into this class is unimaginable, and with my efforts and by God’s grace, I’m able to cruise through this semester with O-chem being the least of my worries.

However, looking on the brighter side, the road to the end of the end of semester brings lots of excitement about the summer. The thought of workless days, endless nights, and unlimited sun (a little understatement ha-ha) helps keep me focused on what rewards I’ll receive at the end of year. It gives me encouragement because I know that if I end the spring semester strong, I’ll have a worriless summer. Even though I’ll still be taking classes during the summer in my hometown, the break away from Texas A&M’s very studious environment (which I happen to love) would be good for a change. Lastly the end of the semester also brings great hope for next fall!

The Best One Yet

This week marks the officially the 6th week of the 2015 spring semester, and as the first round of exams roles out to an end, I see myself getting into a great start for the rest of the semester. Last semester was a good, but it wasn’t good enough, and I know I could it have been better. There was definitely much room for improvement. So this semester I saw it fit that I actually make that improvement that I thought was necessary. So after five complete weeks of hard work and determination, that improvement I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Getting back my results from the first round of exams helped me become more confident in my academic endeavors, which also enabled me to look forward to the rest if the semester with my head high. My goal, like any other college student, is to end the year with a 4.0, and by the looks from it, it seems very possible. So to anyone who might be reading this and feels as if this semester hasn’t gotten off to a good start, keep your head high because there is definitely still room (lots if it) for your improvement. And for the others who know that this semester might just be the best one yet…let’s pray it is!