Veterinary School Fur Ball

Blair at FurballAs much time as veterinary students spend studying, there are also times where we like to have fun! We have events throughout the year where we get to hang out, relax, and have fun with our classmates. This month, the third-year class hosted a fun event called the Fur Ball! Everyone got dressed up in formal attire, whether it was an old high school prom dress, bridesmaid dress, or suits for the guys. There were hors d’oeurves, dancing, and overall a great time to celebrate with friends. It was fun to be able to have classmates from all four classes of veterinary students celebrating together and having a great time away from studying.

I am about to enter my fourth year of veterinary school, where we start clinics, and although I am very excited to be able to put classroom teaching into clinical experience, I am also nervous as well. I am so glad I attended the Fur Ball before clinics start to celebrate with my classmates before we start our fourth year of vet school in May. Veterinary school is definitely rigorous and academically very challenging, but we also all like to have fun as well! It is nice to give your brain a break during veterinary school, and it is also healthy to relax and have fun!