Animal Contraception Research

Financial support for this fund will support research aimed at ending the vicious cycle of animal overpopulation and neglect.

Scenes of unwanted animals in crowded shelters or roaming aimlessly on busy streets tug at our heart strings. There is a population explosion of feral dogs and cats suffering the consequences of neglect and threatening the health, safety and livelihood of humans throughout the world.

Animal contraception is the answer. World-renowned cloning and reproduction researchers at Texas A&M University are rising to the challenge of finding a solution to this escalating problem.

Although some strides have been made in the development of contraceptives for animals, overpopulation remains a serious problem for numerous species. An estimated seven million unwanted dogs and cats are killed at animal shelters annually, and probably more than that number are running wild.

A plan for the first three years will be to conduct research at Texas A&M that will include working with dogs and cats to test the inhibitor drugs previously used in mouse studies. Research applications will also be expanded to other animals such as pigs. Based on their findings, scientists will develop inhibitor drugs that can be administered orally for short or long term periods and have a reversible mode of action.

Your assistance is needed to help fund this exciting research. In addition to supporting short-term solutions like low-income spay and neuter programs and no kill shelters, we are asking for your financial support toward research that will end the vicious cycle of animal overpopulation and neglect.

An estimated $250,000 will fund the first year of animal contraception research; $200,000 for the second year; and $200,000 for the third year. With your financial assistance, a solution to animal overpopulation will be found.


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