Companion Animal Memorial Partner Program

Companion Animal Memorial Partner Program (CAMPP) image with a dog and cat playing together in the grass

Program Overview

The Companion Animal Memorial Partner Program (CAMPP) offers a meaningful way for veterinarians to express sympathy to their clients who have lost a pet. 

By making a monetary donation in memory of a client’s beloved pet, you can ensure that your client’s late companion will not be forgotten. 

CAMPP supports the School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) through fundraising for the school’s greatest areas of need, in alignment with the priorities of the VMBS Dean. By donating to this program, your clinic can support various VMBS initiatives, including student scholarships and compassionate care funds.  

Participant Benefits  

In affiliation with our program, your hospital or clinic will: 

  • Be added to the VMBS email list  
  • Receive an annual CAMPP Impact Report
  • Receive a CAMPP Participant decal to display at your office
    and an electronic decal to display on your website  
  • Support academic excellence—ensuring the future
    of the veterinary profession  
  • Support translational research—revolutionizing animal
    and human health

More importantly, CAMPP is a tangible way to show your clients that you care about them and their pets.

Previous CAMPP recipients, like Julie DeArmond, have expressed appreciation for the letter they received indicating that a donation was made by their veterinarian, saying that it demonstrates how much their veterinarian cares about them and their pets.


Why is it important to you that Charlie’s veterinarian honored his life by making a CAMPP donation?

“Babcock North Veterinary Hospital’s donation confirmed to us that they genuinely cared about Charlie, that they could see beyond his fear and anxiety and fully appreciate him.…For any future pups and their parents to have their life made a little easier because of this donation is an incredible legacy that we are so proud of.”

Julie DeArmond

How to Participate

Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals

1) To become a CAMPP affiliate, complete the CAMPP Clinics & Hospitals Form bi-weekly or monthly.

This form collects:

  • your clinic’s information,
  • a list of departed animals and their owners’ information,
  • your CAMPP giving level, and
  • the VMBS fund you choose to receive your charitable gift. 

2) The VMBS Office of Development will process your pet memorial and provide a sympathy card to you or your clients based on your chosen giving level. 

If you want to share your experience as a CAMPP affiliate, please complete the CAMPP Testimonial Form.


1) To contribute in memory of a deceased pet, please complete the CAMPP Individuals Form.

2) If you want to share your experience as a recipient of a CAMPP sympathy card or as someone who has benefitted from CAMPP—through compassionate care funds for your companion animal’s care or as a student who has received a scholarship—please complete the CAMPP Testimonial Form.

Giving Levels

CAMPP offers streamlined contribution opportunities at varying levels.

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Supporting the VMBS

If making a memorial donation is not a good option for you, there are other ways to support the VMBS.

Option 1: Donate online.

Option 2: Contact the VMBS Office of Development, Alumni, & Client Relations.