Harveigh’s Heroes

Harveigh & Dr. MacKay

Harveigh’s Heroes was established in memory of Harveigh, a very special calf who was born during Hurricane Harvey in a rapidly flooding pasture, requiring bottle feeding and extended medical care. Harveigh became a member of the Canton family and had a particularly strong bond with Sealy, the family’s pit bull. She soon became a celebrity, with a popular Facebook page, winning the hearts of all who heard her story.

This fund was not only created in Harveigh’s memory but is also in honor of Dr. Evelyn MacKay, a resident in Large Animal Internal Medicine, who played a critical role in Harveigh’s healing. Harveigh passed away suddenly in 2018, but her legacy lives on in the animals she helps through Harveigh’s Heroes.

Eligibility Requirements

The fund will be used to assist patients of the Large Animal Teaching Hospital at Texas A&M who are approved by the hospital for additional support.  

  • The animal must be a patient of the Large Animal Teaching Hospital at Texas A&M.
  • The treatment must be performed at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.
  • The fund may contribute up to 50% of the total cost, with a maximum of $2,000 per case (may be adjusted for inflation in consultation with the donors if living and of sound mind).

Give Now

Note: If you’re an animal owner who has found this page while looking for support for your sick or injured pet, please contact the Small Animal Teaching Hospital Business Office at 979.845.9026.