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CVM Merit Scholars Fellowship

Description: The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM) at Texas A&M University offers a CVM Graduate Merit Scholar Fellowship for highly qualified students applying to pursue a PhD in any of the following disciplines:

  • Biomedical Genomics;
  • Cardiovascular Sciences;
  • Infectious Diseases & Biodefense;
  • Neuroscience;
  • Toxicology, Oncology & Environmental Health Sciences; and
  • Veterinary Clinical Research.

Successful applicants will join a nationally competitive, multidisciplinary graduate program with over 150 students engaged in cutting-edge research. The CVM seeks to expand these programs by offering this fellowship, which includes an extremely competitive graduate stipend of $36,000 annually. Eligible applicants should have 3.20 GPA or equivalent and a score of at least 310 (previous scoring system = 1200) on the GRE examination. Applicants with documented research experience, such as an undergraduate or MS thesis, presentations, and/or publications, are strongly encouraged to notify their faculty mentor of their interest in this award. Only US citizens or permanent residents will be eligible.

Deadline: TBD

Application Documents: Students must submit the completed application materials as stated on our Admissions Information website, provide to their faculty mentor a letter of interest addressed to the selection committee for this fellowship, and be nominated by the faculty mentor.

CVM Graduate Diversity Fellowship

Description: In alignment with the goal of increasing diversity and promoting a climate of inclusion, the college offers the CVM Graduate Diversity Fellowship to attract and engage qualified doctoral students pursuing a PhD in the CVM. Whereas Texas A&M University and the CVM recognize diversity as an indispensable component of academic excellence, the Graduate Diversity Fellowship provides an opportunity to support the development of researchers who show promise of distinguished success as a doctoral student and in a biomedical sciences-related research career while also maximizing the educational benefits of diversity for all students at Texas A&M University. Through a partnership with the CVM Director of Climate and Diversity, this fellowship provides substantial support to incoming or continuing doctoral students whose life and research experiences will strengthen the educational outcomes of diversity for others in the CVM and at Texas A&M University. The CVM Graduate Diversity Fellowship awards $36,000 annually to cover the costs of tuition and fees along with a competitive stipend associated with a research assistantship position. Applicants should notify their faculty mentor or David Kessler ( of their interest in this award. Domestic or international citizenship is acceptable for eligibility.

Deadline: TBD

Application Documents: Students must submit the completed application materials as stated on our Admissions Information website, provide to their faculty mentor a letter of interest addressed to the selection committee for this fellowship, and be nominated by the faculty mentor.

Texas A&M Association of Former Students (AFS) Diversity Fellowship

Description: This fellowship was established to attract students to Texas A&M who have a proven record of success in a diverse environment. Academic departments nominate prospective graduate students, and recipients are selected based on overall merit and the nominating department's statement of support. These fellowships are awarded to both masters and doctoral students. They are awarded by a university-wide competitive process. The fellowships provide the student with $9,000 per year for 3 years (doctoral) or $9,000 for 2 years (masters) for tuition and fees, $18,000 for 3 year for doctoral students or $13,000 for 2 years for masters students, a minimum $7,569/year departmental assistantship (0.50 full-time employee) or a scholarship of at least $7,569/year and health insurance for the student from the graduate student health plan, for the duration of the fellowship. For more information, please visit the Texas A&M Office of Graduate & Professional Studies (OGAPS) website.

Deadline: TBD

Application Documents: The college must NOMINATE the students for this fellowship. Students are not able to directly apply for themselves. If you are interested in being nominated, please contact Dr. David Kessler at


CVM Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship

Description: The CVM recognizes the exceptional accomplishments of current students pursuing a MS Thesis-Option or PhD degree with scholarships ranging from $500–$3,000. The following criteria guide the selection of recipients:

  • GPA in graduate coursework
  • Publications
  • Proposal submissions (as PI)
  • Presentations (platform and poster)
  • Awards/Honors
  • Participation in the CVM Graduate Student Association
  • Extracurricular/Service and other related activities

Note: Students who have received the High Impact Achievement Award will not be eligible for the Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship in the same year.

Deadline: Pending

Application Documents: Students are to complete the Outstanding Graduate Student Application and submit it along with an updated CV to their faculty mentor. The faculty mentor will provide the student documents along with a letter of nomination.

Texas A&M Lechner Scholarship

Description: This scholarship is supported by the Walter W. Lechner Estate Endowment. The scholarship is awarded to new, incoming graduate students through a competitive process. The scholarships can range from $500-$4,000. The funds can be used toward tuition, fees, and books. All recipients of this scholarship are designated Lechner Scholars.

Deadline: Pending

Application Documents: The student must be nominated by their mentor. The mentor must submit a letter of support detailing why the student is deserving of this scholarship and a copy of the student's CV. The students CANNOT nominate themselves for this award.

For more information about scholarships offered through Texas A&M University, please visit the OGAPS website.


CVM High Impact Achievement Recognition Awards

Description: The High Impact Achievement Recognition Awards are designed to encourage and honor MS and PhD students who excel in the research and scholarly aspects of graduate education.

Deadline: Pending

Standard Review Process for All Fellowships, Scholarships & Awards

All CVM fellowships, scholarships, and awards are decided by a review committee that is comprised of faculty members from the different departments within the CVM. The committee is provided with all application material as well as the criteria by which the fellowship, scholarship, or award is to be judged. Faculty members whose trainees are being considered for fellowships, scholarships, and/or awards are excluded from review committee membership due to conflict of interest. For research-related reviews, every attempt is made to have faculty members that are subject matter experts serve as reviewers of the applications, even if this involves asking external departments to assist in the review process. The review committee submits their recommendations to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Office for implementation. For any questions regarding the review process, please contact Dr. Robert Burghardt at or Dr. Ashley Seabury at



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