Dr. Allen Rousell Inducted into ECBHM

COLLEGE STATION, TX – Dr. Allen Roussel, professor of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, has been named a de facto Diplomate in the European College of Bovine Health Management (ECBHM).

Roussel is the only veterinarian from the United States neither trained nor having practiced in Europe that earned acceptance as a Diplomate in the College, which consists of 181 diplomates representing 25 countries.

“It is quite an honor for me to receive this recognition,” said Roussel. “I have the greatest respect for my European colleagues in bovine medicine, many of whom have led the world in this field. My interactions with them have been gratifying, both professionally and personally.”

The College was established late in 2003 as the first production animal College of the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation, with the objective of improving the health and welfare of the European cattle herd and increasing the competency of those who practice in the field of bovine herd health. These goals will be achieved by overseeing postgraduate clinical education towards specialization, administering specialist European Diploma examinations, encouraging research and scholarly activity and promoting the dissemination of knowledge related to the subject.

“I hope to broaden my interactions with European bovine veterinarians through active participation in this organization,” added Roussel. “We both have so much to learn from each other. Exploring the methods and philosophies of practice of others can open the door to new possibilities. It’s my hope that my experience with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) can also contribute in some way to the growth and maturation of the ECBHM.”

Working together and developing collaborations is a sentiment that is echoed by the administration of the ECBHM.

“We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Roussel into the College,” said David Barrett, President of the ECBHM. “We are keen to develop links with colleagues in North America and particularly the ACVIM food animal specialists, and hope that those individuals who are members of the ACVIM and ECBHM such as Dr. Roussel will assist us in developing collaboration in the training of residents both in North America and Europe.”

Veterinarians considered for de facto Diplomate status in the college had to meet significant criteria that measured not only their experience in practicing bovine veterinary medicine, but also their contribution to the creation and communication of new knowledge in the field of bovine herd health. Future diplomates will be required to successfully complete a residency and certification exam for inclusion in the College.

“It is my hope that my participation in this College will lead to more opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchanges between my colleagues in Europe and those on this continent, especially those at Texas A&M University,” said Roussel. “We have so many professional challenges in common, that by sharing ideas and perspectives, perhaps we can address them on a global scale.”

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