Making an Impact as a Global Health Leader

Dr. Kenita Rogers, Associate Dean for Professional Programs, and Ms. Belinda Hale, Assistant Dean for Finance, participated in the Penn Executive Veterinary Leadership Program June 23-26 at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School. The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine and the Wharton School partnered together on a leadership development program designed for veterinarians who seek to contribute at a high level to the maintenance and promotion of global public health for animals and humans.

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The Penn Executive Veterinary Leadership Program combined the knowledge and experience of a veterinary school with that of a business school to help veterinarians refine their leadership skills and get involved in the most pressing global issues that affect animals and humans: zoonotic diseases, food security, disaster preparedness, poverty, and others.

The format of the program allowed veterinarians to learn, understand, and apply a variety of tools to expand the profession’s impact on the well being of animals and society. Discovering new ways to get involved in promoting global public health and animal productivity while also learning how veterinarians can influence public policy is important in veterinary education today.

This program was customized for current and aspiring veterinary executives or leaders. Participants from across the profession, across industries, and around the globe attended, with a common goal to hone and refine their individual leadership skills and become more involved in veterinary public health issues at the regional, national, and/or global levels.

“I had been aware of the Penn Executive Veterinary Leadership Program at the Wharton Business School for several years. After experiencing this training, I can see why this program came so highly recommended. Incredibly interactive instruction was provided in topics such as leading change, managing uncertainty, and envisioning the future of veterinary medicine and professional education. It was also a great time to network and learn from the other attendees that included deans, teaching and research faculty, hospital administrators, colleagues from industry, leaders from the AVMA and AAVMC, a lobbyist, and two veterinary students. The conversation was engaging, robust, and fun. I would go again in a heartbeat!”

-Dr. Kenita Rogers

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