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Laura Ann Grymes sits next to her dog Dyson

AccessABLE Academics

Laura Ann Grymes works with the Center for Educational Technologies (CET) to ensure that learners with visual disabilities, like herself, and other disabilities can more easily navigate the college’s abundant online learning materials. Story by Michelle Wiederhold Technology has become a crucial mechanism in veterinary medicine education. As such, ensuring that all students—including those with […]

Dr. Ashley Saunders holding Birdie

Setting The Pace

Although Dr. Ashley Saunders regularly implants canine pacemakers, she found herself confronted by multiple challenges as she worked through the night to save Birdie’s life. Story by Megan Myers When Birdie arrived at the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital (SAH) with an extremely low heart rate, Dr. Ashley Saunders knew that immediate action was necessary […]

Dr. Nance Algert

Texas A&M CVM Focuses On Employee Well-being During Pandemic

Story by Megan Myers Well-being involves the mind, body, and spirit, says Dr. Nance Algert, a member of the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVM) Office for Diversity & Inclusion. “Well-being is staying connected to ourselves and knowing ourselves well enough to know what we need,” Algert said. “Well-being is also […]

Erin O’Connor, Janisah Saripada, and Oula Eldow in the lab

Cracking Into Undergraduate Research

Story by Dorian Martin Chickens’ eggs serve as the foundation for three innovative studies currently underway through the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ groundbreaking initiatives, the Biomedical Research & Development Certificate and the Aggie Research Scholars Program. These programs are designed to help undergraduate students learn to do research. Both are the brainchild […]

A female student view her computer screen, which shows a learning module about heart rhythms

Veterinary Educators Band Together To Support Students

Story by Megan Myers The COVID-19 pandemic may have created a need for social distancing among individuals, but when it forced higher education to move online, veterinary educators saw an opportunity to share resources and bring veterinary colleges around the world closer together than ever before. At the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & […]

Joshua Bertles, Kirby Sherman, and Dr. Dana Gaddy in the lab

Finding Meaning In Mentorship

Dr. Dana Gaddy has been blessed with the support of many, so now she’s paying it forward by using the lessons she’s learned to build relationships with her own students. Story by Jennifer Gauntt Dr. Dana Gaddy’s mentor Joanne Richards once told her, “People are like plants. You just need to give them a bit […]

Cleveland Bay horses pulling a carriage

CVM Researcher Discovers Domestic Horse Breed Has Third-Lowest Genetic Diversity

Story by Margaret Preigh A recent study by Dr. Gus Cothran, professor emeritus at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), has found that the Cleveland Bay (CB) horse breed has the third-lowest genetic variation level of domestic horses, ranking above only the notoriously inbred Friesian and Clydesdale breeds. This lack […]

Dr. Dusty Nagy with a goat

Scratching Beneath The Surface

Dr. Dusty Nagy’s holistic approach to veterinary care was borne from her personal experiences with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. Story by Courtney Adams The familiar sound of a mooing cow echoes through the clinic. This time, the noise is not coming from a patient but from Dr. Dusty Nagy’s cellphone. A bovine lover to her […]

Daniel Anthony

Living A Life Of Selfless Service

Story by Megan Myers At Texas A&M, selfless service is one of the six core values that unite every member of the Aggie Network. With volunteering opportunities ranging from Big Event to those driven by numerous student organizations, Aggies find many ways to give back to the local community and beyond. For Daniel Anthony, a […]

A K-9’s Courage

Search and recovery dog Remington is now enjoying retirement thanks to the care he received from the Small Animal Hospital’s Oncology Service. Story by Megan Myers It was a training day like any other when Rachael Crivelli noticed that her dog Remington, a search and recovery canine for the Navasota Fire Department, developed a limp […]