Careers in Veterinary Medicine

Diagnostic Laboratory

Dr. Bruce Akey & Dr. Jessie Monday

The Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory has two full-service laboratories, in College Station & Amarillo, as well as two poultry laboratories. They receive and test thousands of samples from across Texas, the United States, and around the world for the purpose of protecting agricultural, companion animal, and public health. The two veterinarians joining us for this interview are Dr. Bruce Akey, the director of TVMDL in College Station, and Dr. Jessie Monday, veterinary diagnostician in Amarillo.

Professional Consulting

Dr. Steve McCauley

Dr. Steve McCauley is a Professional Consulting Veterinarian for Hill’s® Pet Nutrition. He provides product information to veterinarians, technicians, and students so they can provide best medicine for pets. He supports the territorial managers as they promote product sales, and he even travels to the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine to interact with the veterinary students and clinicians.


Dr. Jason Gagne

Dr. Jason Gagne is a board certified Veterinary Nutritionist and is the Director of Veterinary Technical Communications at Purina. He primarily focuses on the Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets Brand for small animals. His work includes conducting clinical trials, collaborating with product specialists, and educating professionals on the new diets.

Large Animal Clinician

Dr. Kevin Washburn

Dr. Kevin Washburn is a Large Animal Internal Medicine Veterinarian at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. He describes his role as both a clinician at the hospital and a professor at the Veterinary School. He loves interacting with the residents and teaching veterinary students the skills they will need out in the field.

Equine Sports Medicine

Dr. Kati Glass

Dr. Kati Glass is an Equine Sports Medicine Veterinarian and Large Animal Surgeon at the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. She describes how she became interested in equine veterinary practice and later focused on equine sports medicine and surgery. She discusses the different parts of her job, including the people she works with, types of horses she treats, and common injuries. In this video, you will hear about a typical day in her job and steps to take if you are also interested in equine veterinary practice.

Wildlife Veterinarian

Dr. Walt Cook

Dr. Walk Cook is a wildlife veterinarian and clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. He discusses how he got interested in wildlife medicine, some of the animals he has worked with, and the importance of wildlife conservation.  BONUS SECTION: Darting and health check on a Scimitar Horned Oryx.

Military Veterinarian

CPT Haley Davis & LTC Jared Madden

Captain Haley Davis and Lieutenant Colonel Jared Madden describe their roles as a Veterinary Corps Officer and the Deputy Commander for Public Health Activity for Fort Hood. They share how they became interested in veterinary medicine within the military. CPT Davis illustrates the impact veterinarians can have on military families, and LTC Madden shares some of his veterinary experiences while serving overseas.

Zoo Veterinarian

Dr. Kimberly Rainwater

Dr. Kimberly Rainwater is the Director of Veterinary Services at the Fort Worth Zoo. She shares how she became interested in zoo medicine and describes her work with endangered species. She emphasizes the zoo’s role in promoting public education and wildlife conservation, and she gives advice for students interested in pursuing Zoo medicine as a career.