One health Curriculum

As part of a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant project, an interdisciplinary group at Texas A&M University has created a series of stand-alone, student-centered, online modules for middle school science and biology students. This free, standards-based curriculum frames academic content in the context of “One Health”, the interconnection of humans, animals, and the environment. Students experience increased engagement as they discover real-world applications of science topics.

Curriculum Modules & Access Methods for Teachers

Modules can be accessed via:

  • Our Learning Management System (LMS)*

LMS* = LMS is a software that enables the creation, delivery, and management (administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and automation) of lessons, courses, quizzes, and other training materials. Teachers can monitor student’s time on each task. Use of our LMS is free to teachers and home schooling parents/instructors, but registration is required. 

  • View a Sample Module

  • Our Conventional Website 

Modules features:

Each module has a motivating tool kit of enrichment learning activities. The learner can select the order in which many of the activities are completed. Each module has the following integrated learning activities:

  • Essential Knowledge
    Slide show of academic content that meets Texas Knowledge and Skills Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Backpack Adventures
    Science fiction story based on each module’s theme about a time-traveling group of middle-school students.
  • Meet the Scientist
    Short biography of a research pioneer in the topic area.
  • Scientist Video Presentation
    Video on the topic from a scientist.
  • Real Science Review
    Published research report that we re-wrote at middle-school grade level. Students conduct a simulated peer review, just as real scientists do with real science.
  • Make a Note of That
    Advice to help students organize notes on the academic content.
  • Practice
    Mnemonic advice to help students remember the information presented in the various learning activities. Engaging digital games to reinforce learning of essential knowledge.
  • Show What You Know
    Pre- and post-tests of essential knowledge.
  • Teacher Guide
    An overall lesson plan of the module including TEKS/NGSS, background information, required resources, as well as classroom activities in which teachers can utilize to guide there students through the module.