One health Curriculum

As part of a National Institute of Health (NIH) grant project, an interdisciplinary group at Texas A&M University has created a series of stand-alone, student-centered, online modules for middle school science and biology students. This free, standards-based curriculum frames academic content in the context of “One Health”, the interconnection of humans, animals, and the environment. Students experience increased engagement as they discover real-world applications of science topics.


Modules features:

Each module has a motivating tool kit of enrichment learning activities. The learner can select the order in which many of the activities are completed. Each module has the following integrated learning activities:

  • Essential Knowledge
    Slide show of academic content that meets Texas Knowledge and Skills Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Backpack Adventures
    Science fiction story based on each module’s theme about a time-traveling group of middle-school students.
  • Meet the Scientist
    Short biography of a research pioneer in the topic area.
  • Scientist Video Presentation
    Video on the topic from a scientist.
  • Real Science Review
    Published research report that we re-wrote at middle-school grade level. Students conduct a simulated peer review, just as real scientists do with real science.
  • Make a Note of That
    Advice to help students organize notes on the academic content.
  • Practice
    Mnemonic advice to help students remember the information presented in the various learning activities. Engaging digital games to reinforce learning of essential knowledge.
  • Show What You Know
    Pre- and post-tests of essential knowledge.
  • Teacher Guide
    An overall lesson plan of the module including TEKS/NGSS, background information, required resources, as well as classroom activities in which teachers can utilize to guide there students through the module.


One Health Case Studies:

One Health case studies allow students to apply concepts from the One Health curriculum modules to real-world issues through role play and hands-on activities

Our Learning Management System (LMS):

Register to use the One Health modules on Moodle, our free Learning Management System (LMS). Utilizing Moodle, teachers can access reports on students’ activities and assessments.

Previous Project Resources:

Over its 20+ year existence, the PEER Program has provided K-12 students and teachers with STEM and veterinary science resources enriching science education and interest. Follow the link below to access our previous project resource archive.