Undergraduate Interviews

Catherine Campbell
Interest: Medical School (Dermatology)

Catherine discusses how she initially decided to pursue a career in dentistry, but then decided to pursue a career in dermatology. She is a visual learner who provides several tips on studying, seeking extracurricular involvement, and challenging yourself to expand upon your social network.

Colin Kappel & Dentistry School
Interest: Dentistry

Colin chose to pursue a career in dentistry because he enjoys working with his hands and participating in artistic activities. He recommends taking numerous AP courses in high school to challenge yourself and taking courses that you enjoy in college. Suring his free time, Colin participates in the Texas A&M orchestra.

Daniela Martin del Campo
Interest: Physician Assistant (PA)

Daniela enjoys working with people, and she recommends taking part in shadowing to discover which career you would like to pursue. She has considered becoming a teacher or working with an environmental organization, however she discovered that her desired career choice is to become a physician’s assistant.

Jubilee Brown & Veterinary School
Interest: Veterinary Medicine (Small Animal)

Jubilee enjoys learning about science and animals. She enjoys problem solving and she is considering studying small animal medicine. Jubilee has worked horses through several internships and she recommends creating a schedule that helps you to balance your classes and extracurricular activities.

Matthew Rios & Pharmacy School
Interest: Pharmacy School

Matthew became interested in pharmacy while taking organic chemistry, and he is interested in oncology. He recommends shadowing a variety of careers in order to make sure that you are participating in a career that you enjoy. 

Maya Bhattarai
Interest: Medical School (Emergency Medicine)

Maya decided to pursue a career in medicine after being diagnosed with a heart condition, and she would like to study emergency medicine. She prepared for college by taking part in the International Baccalaureate program, and she recommends participating in extracurricular activities such a research in college.

Sarah Browning
Interest: Veterinary Medicine

Sarah wants to study veterinary medicine and specialize in surgery. In high school she participated in FFA and has worked in an emergency clinic. She recommends finding someone to remind you to study and gaining advice from your teachers.

Benjamin Becker & Medical School
Interest: Medical School

Benjamin enjoys taking part in selfless service and he recommends finding a mentor to provide you with helpful advice. He has participated in sports and has discovered that making a schedule is a useful way to manage your time.

Katherine Laky & Medical School
Interest: Medical School

Katherine is the president of the Pre-Medical Society at Texas A&M and she enjoys helping people to discover their passion in medicine. She provides a detailed description of the timeline that premed students follow. This includes applications, interviews, and a few frequently asked questions. Katherine includes her personal experiences and what she learned from the application process.