Bird Endowment recognition to Dr. Janice Boyd

Dr. Janice Boyd, Department of Vet pathobiology Adjunct Professor, and Schubot Center member was posthumously recognized for her conservation efforts at the NPRPF Parrot Festival in late January 2023. For many years Dr. Boyd was an enthusiastic and generous supporter of parrot research and conservation. This year, at the closing banquet of Parrot Festival in Houston Texas, Dr. Boyd was honored by the Bird Endowment.

The plaque presented to her, thanked Dr. Boyd for her support of the conservation of the Critically Endangered Blue-throated Macaw which inhabits only the seasonally flooded savannahs of lowland Bolivia. Dr Boyd’s long-time support of this and other parrot projects helped a broad array of parrot species throughout the Neotropics.

The plaque was received on behalf of Dr Boyd by Drs Sharman Hoppes (Professor Emeritus VSCS) and Dr. Donald J. Brightsmith (Associate Professor VTPB), both members of the Schubot Center.  

Dr. Brightsmith and Dr. Hoppes receiving Dr. Boyds’ recognition given by Dorothy S. Paterson, president and executive director of the Bird Endowmnet.

As part of this posthumous recognition, the Bird Endowment named after Dr. Boyd one of the artificial nest boxes for the Blue-throated macaw placed in the Laney Rickman Reserve in Bolivia. This nest box is part of their “Nido adoptivo – nest box sponsor” program which is one of its most popular and successful ways to raise funds for their conservation work.

The Schubot Center is very proud of see how Dr. Boyd’s impact on parrot conservation continues.