Pet Care

The Stevenson Center ensures that each resident receives the proper attention and care they need to be happy and healthy. We are dedicated to providing care for each resident’s emotional, medical and physical needs.

Janet and Babe playing


Our residents feel at home in the Center. It is designed in a relaxed fashion. The animals have freedom to roam and explore at will, while also having space for themselves during quiet times.  There are six separate yard areas for the dogs to get plenty of sunshine and exercise.  The cats have access in and out of their rooms through upper windows in the doors, but the dogs do not have access to the cat rooms.


Photograph of Veterinarians Giving a Checkup

Medical care includes regular physical examinations and laboratory tests as needed. Each pet is observed in order to develop a personal “wellness” program. When our pets need medical attention, their care is provided by the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. Their knowledge of the latest advances in veterinary medicine, combined with the use of our specialized facilities, ensures the best possible care for our residents.


Residents receive daily exercise in their large fenced yard areas. There are frisbies, rope tugs, balls and an array of toys to keep the dogs and staff occupied and happy.  All resident pets receive regularly scheduled bathing and grooming. Nutritional concerns are also monitored and special diets are developed for residents with special needs.

Chip, Al, and Janet  Chip  Tootsie on chair Kim, Charlie, Daisy yard