How to Apply

Students most commonly enter the science and technology journalism (STJR) program in the fall, but applicants for spring or summer entry also are welcome. To allow time for paperwork, candidates for fall entry should apply by mid-February if possible. However, fall-entry applications from US candidates can be submitted until June 1; international candidates must apply by March 1. US applicants for spring entry should apply by November 1, and those for summer entry should apply by March 1. The earlier one applies for admission, the higher one’s chances of receiving an assistantship.

What is needed to apply for the STJR program?

  • An application through the Texas A&M University GraduateCAS (Centralized Application Service)
  • Your transcript(s)
  • Your curriculum vitae or resume
  • Writing samples
  • Three recommendations

Some notes:

  • Statement of purpose essay: The application includes a statement of purpose. Given the nature of the STJR program, we look at both the content of the statement and the quality of the writing. Questions that the statement typically should address include the following: How did you become interested in communicating about science and technology? What background do you bring to the field? Why does our program interest you? What might you envision doing during your career? The writing should be clear, concise, well organized, and mechanically correct. It need not be fancy.
  • Writing samples: Please submit two or three writing samples. At least one writing sample should present science to a general readership. The writing samples may be either published or unpublished.
  • Recommendations: During the online application process, you will be asked for three recommenders’ names and email addresses. These individuals will then be emailed instructions for providing their recommendations.

Currently, GRE scores are no longer required.

Sources of further information include the Texas A&M graduate catalog, the Texas A&M graduate admissions website, and the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences graduate studies website. If you have questions about the STJR program, feel free to contact the coordinator, Dr. Barbara Gastel, at or 979.845.6887. Candidates also are encouraged to alert Dr. Gastel that they are applying.