How Do I Prepare For An Appointment?

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Step One Icon cameraStep 1: Before your VirtualVet visit

  • Make sure the app on your phone is up-to-date or Google Chrome is installed on your computer.
  • Take any pictures or videos and upload them to your pet’s account at
    • For example, upload pictures of skin lesions or a video of your pet’s limping.
    • This gives the doctor time to review the images in advance.

Step Two Icon at computerStep 2: An hour before VirtualVet visit

  • Confirm that your appointment has been paid.
  • Make sure your WiFi signal is strong.
  • Find a well-lit room to increase the quality of the video.
  • Make sure your computer or phone is fully charged.
  • Reduce background noise that may affect audio during the visit. You may want to wear headphones.
  • Test your microphone.
  • Make sure your pet is present and have it near the camera.
  • If your pet is wiggly, have a friend or family member help.

Step Three Icon dogStep 3: Appointment time

  • Log on to or access your appointment through the app and enter the waiting room.
  • You can enter the waiting room up to five minutes before your scheduled appointment.
    • The veterinarian will be with you very soon!

Step Four Icon stethescope

Step 4: During your appointment

The veterinarian may ask you to do a few things…

These could include:

  • showing off your pet’s teeth,
  • taking his pulse,
  • counting her respiration rate, or
  • showing where your furry friend likes to eat and sleep.

Step Five Icon clipboardStep 5: The veterinarian may ask you a few questions…

  • Be prepared to tell your veterinarian what kind of food your pet eats (including table food and treats!) and how much.
  • Also, let your veterinarian know what medications your pet takes, including heartworm and flea/tick prevention, as well as any over-the-counter medications or supplements you may give.

Step Six Icon question markStep 6: Have your list of questions ready to go…

  • VirtualVet visits allow for two-way communication!
  • You can use this time to ask your veterinarian questions about your pet’s health, too.
    • The more information your veterinarian has, the easier it will be to provide appropriate care.

Step 7: After your appointment

Step Seven Icon capsule pill

Medications and Prescription Diets

  • If your pet needs medication or a prescription diet, we will submit the request to the pharmacy at the Texas A&M VMTH, and they will let you know when it’s ready for pick up.

Step 8: Follow-up care

Step Eight Icon hospital building

Emergency or Additional Care

  • If your pet requires emergency care, we will let the ER at the Texas A&M VMTH know that you are en route.
    • Or, we will direct you to go to the nearest ER.
  • If your pet requires additional diagnostics or treatment at the Texas A&M VMTH, we will help arrange that appointment for you.

Step Nine Icon paw printStep 9: Visit Summary

Medical Records

  • Once your virtual visit is complete, the veterinarian will write up a visit summary that may include what you discussed, the possible diagnosis, and the recommended treatment plan.
  • You can access this in your dashboard in your client account at
  • You may also receive a survey—please let us know what you think!


Thank you for using our VirtualVet telemedicine service to provide virtual veterinary care for your pet.