Outstanding Alumni & Rising Star Awards

About the Awards

The College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS) has been training veterinary and biomedical sciences leaders for more than a 100 years — leaders who make a difference in their profession, their communities, and in their respective field. Their commitment to excellence and the principles they live and practice by are a credit to the educational standards of the college.

Each year, the CVMBS honors exemplary graduates with Outstanding Alumni Awards.  This award is the highest honor bestowed by the college recognizing those who have reached a level of success in their professional careers that brings credit to both the individual and the CVMBS. Honorees may be graduates of the DVM professional program, graduate academic programs (M.S., Ph.D.), or Biomedical Sciences undergraduate program.

The CVMBS desires to recognize and honor graduates from the college who have made significant contributions to society through veterinary medicine or biomedical sciences.  In so doing, they not only have brought honor and recognition to themselves, but also to the CVMBS.

Established in 2013, the Rising Star Award seeks to recognize graduates of the CVMBS who have completed their education within the last 10 years. These outstanding former students have made significant professional accomplishments early in their career including public service and volunteer activities that serve to positively reflect upon the college and Texas A&M.

The Outstanding Alumnus and Rising Star Awards exemplify the ideals, character, strengths, and principles of conduct that make the veterinary medical profession one of the highest callings.


Nominations were accepted through November 30, 2019.  The awards will be presented at the annual Outstanding Alumni Recognition Dinner—which has been postponed until Spring of 2021.

Thank you for your participation in the recognition of our former students.



CVMBS Outstanding Alumni

  1. Veterinarians who received their DVM degree from the CVMBS at Texas A&M University.
  2. Individuals who earned an M.S. or Ph.D. from the CVMBS graduate programs such as Veterinary Pathobiology, Toxicology, or BIMS.
  3. Texas A&M graduates who received their undergraduate degree from the CVMBS.
  4. Nominees may be from any veterinary, medical, or one health professional career field.
  5. Previous recipients of an Outstanding Alumnus Award or recipients of the 75th Anniversary Outstanding Alumnus award are not eligible.
  6. Current faculty at the CVMBS at Texas A&M University are not eligible.

CVMBS Rising Star

  1. CVMBS graduates who have completed their most recent degree within the past 10 years.
  2. Previous recipients of a Rising Star or Outstanding Alumnus Award are not eligible.
  3. Current faculty at the CVMBS at Texas A&M University are not eligible.
  4. Nominees may be from any veterinary, medical, or one health professional career field.


Nominations are accepted from any former student, a friend of the CVMBS, and/or any faculty or staff member. Nominations will be solicited through the college magazine, the CVMBS website, in the annual announcement of the current recipients that appears in Texas Aggie magazine, and Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) publications. Nomination packets should include the following:

  1. A completed nomination form and letter of nomination.
  2. A resume or biography listing educational affiliations, degrees received (including honorary degrees), career accomplishments, public service, and professional awards, as well as noteworthy research and publications.
  3. A minimum of two letters of support.
  4. A brief summary describing the nominee’s accomplishments as they relate to their chosen profession, their community, and society.
  5. Nominees will not be considered unless the resume/biography, a nomination letter, and at least two letters of support have been submitted to the CVMBS by the deadline established and published by the college for the year of consideration. A nomination form and required documentation for 2020 must have been submitted online or postmarked no later than November 30, 2019.

*Nominations may be completed and submitted online using the link above or mailed to the address below (use the link above to download the nomination form). Mail the form and other required supporting material to:

Outstanding Alumni Awards Selection Committee
Office of Development & Alumni Relations
Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
4461 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-4461

Direct questions to Catharine West at cwest@cvm.tamu.edu or 979.845.9043.


All completed nominations will be reviewed by a special committee appointed by the Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine. The Outstanding Alumni Selection Committee will recommend up to five recipients for the annual Outstanding Alumni Awards and one nominee for the Rising Star Award to the dean. Honorees will be announced in early spring once the selection process is complete.


The selected recipients will be recognized at the Outstanding Alumni Awards Dinner in the spring of the recognition year. In addition, the recipients will be announced in the college magazine and Texas Aggie magazine.