Another Semester Flying By

I can’t believe that there are two weeks left of the semester!! This semester has flown by. We are finishing up with the last round of tests in classes before finals, and these last few weeks will be busy with studying and other events. Finals can be pretty stressful only because you have multiple tests to study for in a short amount of time, but they shouldn’t be too bad. Two of my finals are for my lab classes, so I will take them a week before the lecture finals, and one of my classes I might not have to take the final. If we have an A after our next test, then we don’t have the final, and so far the class hasn’t been too bad. I only have three other finals, so it shouldn’t be too stressful this year.

Today is Muster, one of the most important traditions to me. Every year Aggies celebrate Muster on April 21st.  It honors Aggies who have passed away in the past year and allows other Aggies to get together. Each year there is the 50th year class reunion, a cookout, and a ceremony for those who have died. Aggies all over the United States hold Muster, with the biggest one right here in College Station. I have been going to Muster since I was kid because of my Aggie family, but this year I am going for my Grandpa. He was one of the proudest Aggies I have ever known, and he always shared memories from when he was in Corps of Cadets. He passed away last summer, and since he was so fond of Texas A&M, this is the best way to remember him.

Also in one week it will be my birthday! My sisters will hopefully be coming up this weekend to visit me, and my mom will be coming up the following weekend. Hopefully we will be able to do something fun like ice skating, and I’ll get a break from studying.  I’m looking forward to these next couple of weeks before finals; they should be fun!


Laura's DogI can’t believe it has already been five weeks since school started, and we have three more weeks until spring break!! I have already had first tests in half of my classes, and they went pretty well! Now it is time to start studying for the next round of tests, which hopefully won’t be too bad.

This past month has been filled with birthdays, which made my February busy. Four of my friends (and my dog) have birthdays this month, so we would go out to dinner to celebrate each week. The good part is that each week I get cookies or cake! Last week I went to BJ’s to celebrate one of my friend’s birthday and we had Pizookies. If you have never had a Pizookie, then you are missing out. They are the best desserts ever. They are a cookie fresh out of the oven with ice cream on top, and they are amazing. It is the best study break.

The only bad thing about these birthdays was that I couldn’t go and visit my dog on his birthday. He lives back in my hometown with my mom and her dog. I would bring him to live with me, but he is a 110-pound Great Dane mix, so he wouldn’t like living in an apartment, especially when he is used to a house with a big backyard. I got him for my birthday when I was in 8th grade when he was a puppy, and this year he turned six years old! One of my friends, Caitlyn, who works with my mom, did send me a picture of him and played with him for me since I couldn’t be there. People sometimes laugh that I know my dog’s birthday, but he is like my kid, so of course I know it!

I am excited since I will be able to see him and the rest of my pets during spring break! Also I will see my family and friends and be able to celebrate Caitlyn’s birthday! I haven’t been able to go home since school started because of all the homework, or because I had something I had to do during the weekend. I am definitely looking forward to these next four weeks.