Let Life Lead

About two years ago, when I was a sophomore at Texas A&M, one of my close friends, and former CVM Ambassador, Chau Dong mentioned that in one of her classes her professor told her and other seniors who crafting post-graduation plans to just “let life lead.” This strongly resonated with her, as she was about to graduate and begin a new unexpected journey as a children’s rehabilitation aide before applying to physical therapy school.

Now, two years later, with my own college graduation around the corner, I find myself realizing that this same message is resonating with me. When I came to Texas A&M four years ago, I had so many plans for my time in college that I never thought I could just “let life lead.” One of my biggest plans, that I thought was completely set in stone, was going to medical school immediately after graduating from college.

In June of 2019, the summer before my senior year, I submitted my primary applications for medical school. However, instead of feeling a sense of satisfaction, I felt a sense of panic. I felt like I was rushing through everything and that I couldn’t take a step back to just breathe. It was at this moment that I realized that I was not ready yet. Time off before matriculating into medical school was looking more and more appealing, even though it was going against one of the biggest plans I had for myself.

After a whole summer of self-reflection and multiple discussions with my family and friends, including Chau, I realized that it was okay to not be ready. It was okay to step back, take a break and breathe. So, after changing the biggest, oldest plan I had for myself, I entered my final year of college making new plans for a gap year instead. I had truly decided to just “let life lead,” something I thought I would never do.

Now, with my senior year coming to a close and graduation being just around the corner in August, I am choosing to “let life lead” more than ever. I’m cherishing the final moments I have with my class (six feet apart of course), embracing whatever new opportunities come my way, and preparing to apply to medical school again. I thought most of my self-growth during college occurred while I was an underclassman, but when I was a senior, Texas A&M threw another life lesson my way. I’m excited to take everything I have learned at Texas A&M, both in and out of the classroom, into my future as I “let life lead.”