5 Tricks To Help You Avoid Burnout In College

By Adrienne G. ’25, B.S. in Biomedical Sciences

College, as many know, throws students into a whirlwind of both exciting opportunities and challenges. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I’ve discovered a few ways to avoid burnout, and I’d love to share my experiences with you.

View from inside a hammock looking out at trees and camping tents.

No 1. Prioritize Self-Care

Even in the thick of those seemingly endless assignments and exams, I made it a rule to press pause and indulge in things that bring me joy. Whether it was going to the gym, immersing myself in nature, or getting lost in a new book, these breaks have been my sanity checks. Self-care became my weapon against burnout.

No 2. Master The Art Of Time Management

Balancing biomedical sciences and a minor in business is no joke. I have had to devote countless hours to not only studying but also to going to tutoring sessions. My agenda became my best friend in ensuring I had room for both academics and my personal passions. I would schedule time for studying, working, and social gatherings to ensure I did not have to sacrifice things that bring me joy.

No 3. Focus On Quality In Socializing, Not Quantity

Instead of overbooking myself with activities, I zeroed in on meaningful connections and quality time with friends. I choose to hang out with people who make me feel energized rather than those who would drain my energy.

Close up of a table covered in healthy cooking ingredients, including chicken, tortillas, cucumbers, carrots, and chopped greens.

No 4. Make Health-Conscious Choices

With my love for sweets and eating out, I have to be mindful of what I put in my body. Eating nutritious meals, staying hydrated, and limiting my caffeine intake became the cornerstones of my healthy lifestyle. It was all about fueling my body with foods that made me feel good.

No 5. Set Realistic Expectations And Goals

Dreaming big about post-graduation plans is exciting, but I’ve learned the power of breaking those dreams into bite-sized goals. It’s not about just the final goal; it’s about the steady progress that keeps you on the path without feeling like you’re drowning in expectations.

College life is a rollercoaster, but my journey has been about thriving and not just surviving. Balance, self-care, time management, quality relationships, healthy lifestyle choices, and realistic goals have been crucial to my success. If you’re out there navigating the college, give these strategies a try. Chances are, they’ll make your college journey much easier.