Master of Science (MS) Thesis

Program Overview

The Biomedical Sciences (BIMS) Master of Science (MS) Thesis degree program provides students with a comprehensive educational experience that integrates didactic curricular learning with immersive research training. Our students build a foundational body of knowledge and skills that prepares them to excel in a diverse array of biomedical research careers.

VMBS faculty from each of the five academic departments train BIMS MS-Thesis students within the structure of four curricular training tracks, which align with the college’s research emphasis areas.  Within these tracks, there is the flexibility to tailor curriculum to each student’s research focus. All MS-Thesis students must successfully complete a set of non-course requirements, which are fulfilled as students progress through various academic milestones.

Beyond the curriculum & degree requirements, an integral part of the degree program is an intensive research experience under the mentorship of the student’s faculty mentor.  The faculty within VMBS conduct research that spans a wide array of topics, ranging from basic biomedical sciences, to veterinary clinical applications, to translational studies relevant to human and environmental health. The diversity of the research programs allows for a wide range of graduate student projects across multiple disciplines.

Masters students are supported by a full-time staff academic advisor in the VMBS Office for Research & Graduate Studies. This advisor helps students connect with relevant resources at Texas A&M and follow the guidelines for successful completion of university and programmatic requirements and milestones.

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