We study the evolution of our immune system: its genesis, subsequent natural history, and trajectory into the future. We investigate how the adaptive system was built upon the extant innate system at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organismal and population levels.

The Criscitiello Lab studies immunology and evolution. Most of our research focuses on the early natural history of the vertebrate adaptive immune system, with particular attention given to the genetics of lymphocyte antigen receptors, mucosal immune mechanisms in the gut, antigen presentation and invertebrate innate immunogenomics.

Student Highlights

Thad receiving the Delaplane Award in 2014.

Sara is the first PhD student to be recruited into and finish in the Comparative Immunogenetics Lab.

man standing in front of the Santa Gertrudis bull statue displayed at the west entrance of the TAMU Veterinary and Biomedical Education Complex

Current Projects

Photo: Joseph Thomas. Nurse shark (Ginglymostoma cirratum).
  • Shark
  • Cow
  • Manatee
  • Trout
  • Atlantic Herring