News + Good Things

Dr. Ott presents at the Postdoc Symposium

September 19, 2022: Dr. Jeannine Ott presents the “Evolution of surrogate light chain in tetrapods and the relationship between lengths of CDR H3 and VpreB tails” at the Texas A&M Postdoc Symposium.

Feeding Fish Article

June 14, 2022: Texas A&M Agrilife shares an article discussing the importance of research in aquaculture featuring Dr. Criscitiello, and collaborators Dr. Wu and Dr. Gatlin. Read the article here.

End of Spring Semester Lab Outing

August 12, 2022: A Lab lunch outing to celebrate the end of the Spring ’22 Semester and welcoming Casey to the group.

Dr. Criscitiello presents at AAI

May 10, 2022: Dr. Mike Criscitiello and colleagues at the American Association of Immunologists Conference in Portland, OR.

Lab Lunch, celebrating the end of the semester, Kaitlyn and Ruth’s send off to start their MS, and the addition of Kerstin to the Lab.

December 16, 2021: A lab lunch outing on the last day of Fall semester, where we welcome Kerstin, Karina, and Nick to the Crscitiello lab. We also congratulate Ruth for her acceptance to the Clinical nutrition master program, as well as Kaitlyn to the Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation master program.

Christian’s Defense Successful!

August 23, 2021: Christian successfully defended her thesis on “Elements of Comparative Immunology: From Lymphoid Tissues in Cartilaginous Fish to Bovine Ultralong Immunoglobulin Phylogeny.” We are very proud of her!

Minal passes her Ph.D. prelims!

February 11, 2021: Congratulations to Minal, who passed her Ph.D. prelims in February 2021 and did amazingly! Although COVID unfortunately prevented a celebratory victory photo with the lab team, we nevertheless applaud you heartily, Minal, and are excited to see where this takes you!

Sendoff lunch for Jeannine, congrats on her post-doc with Sunwoo Koo at TVMDL!

June 12, 2020: Above: The gathering at Napa Flats to send off Dr. Ott to her new post-doc position at TVMDL! Below: Continuing the tradition of finishing and signing a bottle of champaign after a dissertation is published in the lab! “Once in the lab, always in the lab.” – Dr. Criscitiello

COVID cannot stop Jeannine being hooded!

  May 2020: Despite the unfortunate circumstances with the COVID-19 virus, Jeannine’s hooding ceremony takes place in front of the TAMU Vet School with Dr. Criscitiello and her family – of course, with masks. Well done and well-earned, Dr. Ott!        

Jeannine successfully defends Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathobiology!

February 13, 2020: Jeannine successfully defends with outside examiner Dr. Ellen Hsu (or SUNY Downstate HSC), and committee members Mike, Drs. Noushin Ghaffari, Terje Raudsepp, and David Riley. Congrats Dr. Ott!