News + Good Things

Christian’s Defense Successful!

August 23, 2021: Christian successfully defended her thesis on “Elements of Comparative Immunology: From Lymphoid Tissues in Cartilaginous Fish to Bovine Ultralong Immunoglobulin Phylogeny.” We are very proud of her!

Minal passes her Ph.D. prelims!

February 11, 2021: Congratulations to Minal, who passed her Ph.D. prelims in February 2021 and did amazingly! Although COVID unfortunately prevented a celebratory victory photo with the lab team, we nevertheless applaud you heartily, Minal, and are excited to see where this takes you!

Sendoff lunch for Jeannine, congrats on her post-doc with Sunwoo Koo at TVMDL!

June 12, 2020: Above: The gathering at Napa Flats to send off Dr. Ott to her new post-doc position at TVMDL! Below: Continuing the tradition of finishing and signing a bottle of champaign after a dissertation is published in the lab! “Once in the lab, always in the lab.” – Dr. Criscitiello

COVID cannot stop Jeannine being hooded!

  May 2020: Despite the unfortunate circumstances with the COVID-19 virus, Jeannine’s hooding ceremony takes place in front of the TAMU Vet School with Dr. Criscitiello and her family – of course, with masks. Well done and well-earned, Dr. Ott!        

Jeannine successfully defends Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathobiology!

February 13, 2020: Jeannine successfully defends with outside examiner Dr. Ellen Hsu (or SUNY Downstate HSC), and committee members Mike, Drs. Noushin Ghaffari, Terje Raudsepp, and David Riley. Congrats Dr. Ott!

Post-Holiday Lab Party 2020

January 18, 2020: Post-Holiday Lab Party with the team and alumni before the start of the spring semester!

Way to go Kaitlyn for her B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Oceanography!

December, 2019: Way to go Kaitlyn for her B.S. in Environmental Studies with a minor in Oceanography! And thanks for staying on as a full-time Research Assistant with the lab before grad school! Whoop!

Christian’s White Coat Ceremony 2019

August 2019: Christian ceremoniously receives her graduate-school lab coat. Congratulations, Christian!

Hear Mike Talk Cow Antibodies on The Texas Standard NPR Show

July 1st, 2019: Could Cow Antibodies Prevent HIV?  

Mike, Sebastian, and others

Dr. Sebastian Fugmann Visits CVM, VTPB, and Our Lab

June 12th, 2015: With the support of Dr. Tiffany Yu and the Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology, Dr. Sebastian Fugmann visited the lab and gave a great talk in VTPB on the evolution of immunoglobulin gene diversification mechanisms in deuterostomes. He also got to reunite with his old Yale pal, Koichi.