Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA Requirements

Students wishing to apply to the DVM Professional Program must meet all three minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements:

  • 2.90 overall
  • 3.10 for the last 45 semester hours
  • 2.9 science

To clarify, students with a minimum GPA of 2.90 overall, AND a 3.10 GPA for the last 45 semester hours, AND a 2.9 science GPA have met the minimal qualifications to submit an application (A = 4.00 grade points per hour). Currently, the GRE is not required for admissions into the DVM Program, however, the Selections Committee may require this exam at a later time.

Note: Just meeting these minimal academic standards does not make the applicant competitive nor qualified for an interview.

GPA at the Time of Application

Only completed course work at the time of the application submission will be used in GPA calculation for the selection of interviewees. All course work will be reviewed by the Selections Committee when selecting applicants for entry into the DVM Professional Program.

By state law, only coursework from accredited U.S. colleges and universities of higher education can be used for computation of GPAs.

TAMU calculates a “last 45 hour” GPA*.  Students must have at  minimum of 45 graded, college credits for GPA calculation. 

*To calculate your last 45-hour GPA, start with the last semester you attended college, and count back to the semester in which your 45th hour lands. Add all the grade points for the coursework between the last semester attended and the semester in which the 45th hour lands.  (Include all hours in the 45th-hour semester.)  Divide (÷) by your total hours taken in the final semesters.

Animal Experience vs. Veterinary Experience Requirements

Animal experience includes caring for and handling animals in a kennel or animal shelter. It also includes any other experience that was not under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, such as FFA and 4-H projects.

Veterinary experience is hours spent working under the direct supervision of a veterinarian, whether in a paid or volunteer capacity in a clinical or research environment. Applicants must have more than 100 hours worth of veterinary experience in order to qualify for an interview.

Residency Requirements

Enrollment in our DVM Professional Program is limited to:

  • Qualified applicants who are residents of Texas and who are United States citizens.
  • Residents of Texas who live in the United States under a permanent residence visa or qualify for residency under the rules of SB 1528.
  • Applicants from other states who have superior credentials will also be considered for up to 10% of the positions in each DVM class.

NOTE: International applicants are not considered for admission to the DVM Professional Program.

Independent individuals 18 years of age or over, who move into the state and who are gainfully employed within the state for a period of 12 months leading up to their enrollment in an institution of higher education, may be classified as a resident for tuition purposes. These laws are subject to change and any questions should be directed towards the Registrar’s Office at Texas A&M University or to the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS).

Required Prerequisites

See Prerequisites.