Externship photoOur mission is to provide high-quality veterinary educational opportunities in veterinary medicine across Texas and the nation. Our college hopes to provide externship opportunities which serve to reinforce, extend, and refine clinical skills. Private practices are encouraged to post available externships on the CVM Externship board. Our students are expected to secure externships individually in a professional manner. Once an externship is secured, our office will contact the practitioner directly regarding guidelines, the online evaluation/grading process, and CE credits.

  • DVM Guidelines for Externships. If you have questions about the guidelines for DVM externships, email mmacik@cvm.tamu.edu.
  • Practitioners who need help with the online evaluation/grading process? If you need assistance with the online externship evaluation/grading process, email mmacik@cvm.tamu.edu or call (979) 458-9958.
  • Continuing Education (CE) Credit. As a participant of the CVM externship program, you are eligible to receive five (5) clock hours of continuing education credit. To apply for CE credit, download and submit the credit request form. For questions regarding CE credit, please contact the Office of Continuing Education at (979) 845-9102.
  • Do you want to advertise your externship? Veterinarians who would like to mentor a DVM student through an externship program, please take a moment to review the Guidelines for Externships.
    • To register your externship on our DVM externship database, visit our externship job website.
    • Need assistance with your existing posting? Contact Jamie Wigington, Scholarship Coordinator, at jwigington@cvm.tamu.edu or (979) 845-5054.
  • Have general questions about the DVM externship program? Email mmacik@cvm.tamu.edu.

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