Visiting Externship Students

The Texas A&M CVM allows DVM students from other colleges of veterinary medicine, who are equivalent to Texas A&M CVM fourth-year veterinary students, to participate in clinical experiences. The student’s status on the clinical rotation will be observation only, until the senior clinician has had the opportunity to access the visiting student’s clinical skills. Following the assessment, greater participation may be allowed.

Any senior veterinary student seeking to participate in clinical experience at the Texas A&M CVM should contact the Director of Student Services at least three months in advance and be prepared to provide the following items:

    1. A short, written essay detailing the reason(s) why you wish to come to the Texas A&M CVM and be assigned to the areas of study requested. Be sure to include the name(s) of your rotation preferences and your desired date(s) of attendance.
    2. Proof of enrollment in good standing in a veterinary program, at a level consistent with a Texas A&M CVM fourth-year veterinary student, with a letter from the Dean of the veterinary school you attend.
    3. Proof of current rabies vaccination, with a copy of your vaccination history including date(s) of vaccination.
    4. Proof of current tetanus vaccination, with a copy of vaccination history including date(s) of vaccination.
    5. Proof of medical insurance, with a copy of your current medical insurance card and/or policy number and insurance company contact information.
    6. A completed Texas A&M CVM Emergency Contact Form.
    7. A completed Texas A&M CVM Hold Harmless Agreement with original signatures (the form must be notarized).

Upon receipt of the above information, written approval of the clinicians or faculty working directly with the student and written approval of the respective department head(s) will be sought.

Note: Communication with the visiting student as to the status of the request will come from the Director of Student Services.

Upon arrival at the Texas A&M CVM the student must:

  • Attend an orientation for visiting externship students.
  • Provide a local address and phone number to the Director of Student Services.

Upon completion of the externship at the Texas A&M University the student will be evaluated using the Texas A&M rotation evaluation form UNLESS other evaluation methods are specifically required. If a specific evaluation instrument or letter is required, the evaluation instrument must be provided at the time of application and if a letter is required, details should be provided as to what information needs to be included in the letter. An address for the return of any evaluation(s) must be provided at the time of application.

International Visiting Externship Students

Due to U.S. State Department visa restrictions, the Texas A&M CVM is NOT able to accept non-U.S. citizens in our clinical program at this time. You may wish to check this site from time to time, as we will reinstate this program should the U.S. State Department visa restrictions change. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

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