Current Team

Principal Investigator

Sarah A. Hamer MS PhD DVM DACVPM (epi)

Sarah A. Hamer, MS, PhD, DVM, DACVPM (epi)

Associate Professor of Epidemiology
Veterinary Integrative Biosciences (VIBS) & Veterinary Pathobiology (VTPB)

Richard Schubot Endowed Chair & Director, Schubot Center for Avian Health
Associate Wildlife Biologist® | 979.847.5693

Diplomate of the American College Veterinary Preventive Medicine, 2016
DVM, Michigan State Univ., 2011
PhD, Michigan State Univ., 2010, Fisheries & Wildlife; Ecology, Evol. Biology & Behavior
MS, Univ. of Illinois, 2003, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences
BS, Univ. of Illinois, 2001, Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences

I am a veterinary ecologist specializing in wildlife and zoonotic disease ecology and epidemiology. My research originates at the intersection of ecology, epidemiology, and conservation, and encompasses diverse taxa (bacteria, ticks, mosquitoes, birds, mice, dogs, humans, and more). Given the emergence of pathogens shared by humans and animals, this is an important time to utilize multidisciplinary tools to improve human, animal, and ecosystem health.

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Research Staff


Lisa Auckland

Research Associate | 979-458-4924

Keswick Killets

Research Associate | 979-458-4924

Sujata Balasubramanian, MS, PhD

Associate Research Scientist | 979-458-4924
Debra Turner

Debra Turner, MS

Senior Research Associate, Schubot Center for Avian Health (VTPB) | 979-862-2327
Jianhua Guo

Jianhua Guo, PhD

Associate Research Scientist, Schubot Center for Avian Health (VTPB)

Postdoctoral Associates


Rachel Curtis-Robles, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate (part-time)

Alyssa Meyers, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Italo Zecca, MPH, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Graduate Students


Spencer DeBrock

PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences: Infection, Immunity, & Epidemiology)
CVM Merit Fellow 2018–2022

Edward Davila, MPH

PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences: Infection, Immunity, & Epidemiology)
TAMU Diversity Fellow 2018–2022

Rachel Busselman

PhD Student (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
TAMU Merit Fellow 2018–2022

Jordan Salomon

PhD Student (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)
TAMU Diversity Fellow 2019-2023

Juan Pablo Fimbres Macias

PhD Student (Biomedical Sciences: Infection, Immunity, & Epidemiology)
CVM Diversity Fellow 2019-2023

Carlos Rodriguez

MS Student (Veterinary Public Health: Epidemiology)

Keswick Killets

MS in Veterinary Public Health: Epidemiology

Non-Thesis Graduate Students

Veterinary Student & Resident Researchers


Skye Sneed

VMSRTP Summer ’18

Undergraduate Students


Allyson Koger

Undergraduate researcher

Kaitlyn Perez

Undergraduate researcher

Hamer Lab Alumni