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Zeiss LSM 780 Confocal with Airyscan and Multiphoton

  • 34 Ch spectral GaAsP detection confocal/multiphoton microscope
  • Continuous wavelength laser lines at 405, 458, 488, 514, 543, 561, 594, and 633 nm
  • Coherent Chameleon Ultra Ti: Saphire (720-950nm) pulsed laser
  • Definite focus, Incubation (Temperature & CO2), and motorized stage
  • ZEN Blue software FRET, FRAP, Physiology, and 3D VisArt modules
  • Objectives: Plan-Apo 10X/0.45, Plan-Apo 20X/0.8, Plan-Apo 40X/1.4oil, C-Apo 40x/1.2water, Plan-Apo 63X/1.4oil
  • Airyscan detector (32-channel (GaAsP-PMT) that collects a pinhole-plane image at every scan position
  • 2x better resolution than any classic confocal instruments with ZEN Blue software
  • Instrument cost per hour: $55.00

axio m2

Axio Imager.M2 Motorized Upright Microscope:

  • Fluorescence LED Illumination – DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Cy5
  • Axiocam 506 color camera and Axiocam HRm
  • Automated Multichannel, Z-Stacks, Motorized X-Y Stage for Automated Large Region Tiling
  • High NA Objectives: 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 63x with phase and DIC optics
  • Apotome.2 Optical Sectioning Slider
  • ZEN Blue version 2.3 software
  • Instrument Cost per Hour: $25.00

cell discoverer

Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7:

  • LED lines at 405, 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm
  • Petri dishes, chamber slides, multiwell plates, plastic or glass, thin or thick vessel bottoms, low skirt or high skirt plates.
  • Objectives include PlanApochromat 5x/0.12 and 20x/0.35-0.8 plus PlanApochromat 50x/1.2 water Auto correction and auto water immersion
  • Definite focus, Incubation (Temperature & CO2), and motorized stage
  • ZEN Blue software
  • Instrument Cost per Hour: $35.00

Zeiss Stallion Digital Imaging Workstation

  • Xenon fluorescent light source, 300 W with rapid switching (<2 msec) between excitation wavelengths
  • Incubator with CO2 and temperature control
  • 2x CoolSnap HQ Camera with external ventilation
  • PlanAchromat 10x 0.45 NA; 20x 0.75 NA and 63x 1.2NA water immersion
  • 3I software
  • Ratio/FRET Software Module
  • Instrument cost per hour: $20.00

Zeiss Digital Imaging Workstation

  • Zeiss Axioplan Microscope with motorized Z-stage and system components for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence
  • High NA Objectives
  • Zeiss Axiocam HRc color camera with up to 13-megapixel resolution (4140 x 3096) in each color channel
  • Instrument cost per hour: $15.00

ImageXpress Pico & BioTek Cytation 7

  • Different Sample Holders: Plates, Slides
  • Read Method: Live preview imaging with digital confocal, Kinetic, well-area scanning
  • Luminescence wavelength range: 300 – 700nm
  • Fluorescence wavelength selection: Five channels with images, spectral scanning without imaging
  • Absorbance: 200 to 999 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments, available for well scanning
  • Temperature control up to 50° C
  • Uses CellReporterExpress Software with Windows 10, Gen 5 ver 3.09
  • Instrument cost per hour: $25.00

Cryostar NX70 Cryostat

  • LCD touch-screen and joystick controls
  • User-adjustable LED lighting
  • Motorized and manual sectioning
  • Vacutome for generating wrinkle-free sections
  • Integrated height adjustments for users
  • Rapid response temperature control
  • Novel knife carrier feed with better sectioning quality
  • Optional Cold disinfection for complete surface disinfection
  • Instrument cost per hour: $20.00

FEI Transmission Electron Microscope

  • High-resolution TEM with top entry stage
  • High-Voltage range: 40 to 100kV in steps of 10kV
  • Intensity zoom: allows for constant screen brightness at different magnifications
  • Intensity limit: prevents electron beam intensity overload on sample
  • Magnification: 25 – 200000 x
  • Automatic saving of full exposure sequence
  • Ultrathin sections generated using Leica UC6 Ultramicrotome
  • Instrument cost per hour: $50.00

Fully Equipped Cell & Tissue Culture Facility

  • Biosafety Cabinet
  • Incubators
  • Cell counter and other support equipment