ARIVIS Work Station

  • Arivis Vision4D is a modular software for working with multi-channel 2D, 3D and 4D images of almost unlimited size independent of available RAM. Many imaging systems, such as high speed confocal, Light Sheet/ SPIM and 2 Photon systems, can produce a huge amount of multi-channel data, which arivis Vision4D handles without constraints.
  • Easy import of most image formats from microsopes as well as biological formats
  • High performance interactive 3D / 4D rendering on standard PCs and laptops with 3D Graphics Support
  • Intuitive tools for stitching and alignment to create large multi-dimensional image stacks
  • Immediate 2D, 3D and 4D visualization, annotation and analysis regardless of image size
  • Creation, import, and export of 4D Iso-surfaces
  • Powerful Analysis Pipeline for 3D /4D image analysis (cell segmentation, tracking, annotation, quantitative measurement and statistics, etc)
  • Semi-automatic/manual segmentation and tracking with interactive Track Editor
  • Easy design and export of 3D / 4D High Resolution Movies
  • Seamless integration of custom workflows via Matlab API and Python scripting
  • Data sharing for collaboration
  • A user friendly software, easy to learn and use for any life scientist

Axio Imager.M2 Motorized Upright Microscope:

  • Fluorescence LED Illumination – DAPI, GFP, Cy3, Cy5
  • Axiocam 506 color camera and Axiocam HRm
  • Automated Multichannel, Z-Stacks, Motorized X-Y Stage for Automated Large Region Tiling
  • Objectives: 1.25x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 40x, and 63x with phase and DIC optics
  • Apotome.2 Optical Sectioning Slider
  • ZEN Blue version 2.3 Software
  • User Cost per Hour: $20.00

Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7:

  • Laser lines at 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm
  • Petri dishes, chamber slides, multiwell plates, plastic or glass, thin or thick vessel bottoms, low skirt or high skirt plates.
  • Definite focus, Incubation (Temperature & CO2) and motorized stage
  • Zen Blue software complemented with Arivis software
  • User Cost per Hour: $45.00

Elyra S1

Zeiss ELYRA S.1 (SR-SIM) Superresolution Microscope

  • Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 Microscope fully motorized
  • Laser Lines: 405nm, 488nm, 561 and 643 nm
  • Incubator for temperature and CO2 control
  • 3 and 5 grid rotation
  • Zen software
  • Workstation for Super resolution with 3D Visart, FRET, FRAP and Physiology modules
  • Objectives: Plan-Apo 10X/0.45, Plan-Apo 63X/1.4oil, Plan-Apo 100X/1.4oil
  • User cost per hour: $45.00

Zeiss LSM 780 NLO Multiphoton Microscope

  • 34 Ch spectral GaAsP detection multiphon microscope
  • Laser lines at 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm
  • Coherent Chameleon Ultra Ti:Saphire (720-950nm) pulsed laser
  • Definite focus, Incubation (Temperature & CO2) and motorized stage
  • Zen software FRET, FRAP, Physiology and 3D VisArt modules
  • ISS two channel FCS and Fast FLIM
  • Objectives: Plan-Apo 10X/0.45, Plan-Apo 20X/0.8, Plan-Apo 40X/1.4oil, C-Apo 40x/1.2water, Plan-Apo 63X/1.4oil
  • Airy Scan detector with detection area consisting of 32 single detector elements, each of which acts like a very small pinhole.
  • 4-8 x more sensitivity and 1.5x better resolution than any classic confocal instruments.
  • User cost per hour: $45.00

Zeiss TIRF3

  • Zeiss Axio Observer Z1 Microscope fully motorized
  • Two cameras: High resolution AxioCam MRm and Roper S/W PVCAM
  • Laser Lines: 405nm, 488nm, 514 nm, 561 nm
  • Incubator for temperature and CO2 control
  • AxioVision 4 Software
  • User cost per hour: $42.50

Zeiss 510 META Confocal Microscope

  • Zeiss Axiovert 200 MOT microscope
  • Laser lines at 458, 477, 488, 514, 543 and 633 nm
  • Z-stack collection, spectral emission profiling and separation
  • Multi-time, Physiology, FRET, FRAP software
  • Two confocal channels, one spectral detection channel (META), two channels non-descanned detection, and one transmitted light channel
  • Objectives: Plan-Neofluar 10x/0.3 NA, Plan-Apochromat 20x / 0.8 NA,Plan-Neofluar 40x / 0.85 NA, , Plan-Neofluar 40x / 1.30 NA Oil, Plan Apochromat 63x / 1.4 NA Oil, C-Apochromat 40x / 1.2 NA Water
  • User cost per hour: $37.50

Zeiss Stallion Digital Imaging Workstation

  • Xenon fluorescent light source, 300 W with rapid switching (<2 msec) between excitation
  • Synchronization hardware (TTL-based)
  • Shutter for transmitted light (25 mm)
  • Incubator with CO2 and temperature Control
  • 2 x CoolSnap HQ Camera with external ventilation
  • Stallion software
  • Ratio/FRET Software Module
  • Antivibration table
  • User cost per hour: $17.50

Zeiss Digital Imaging Workstation

  • Zeiss Axioplan Microscope with motorized z-stage and system components for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, DIC and fluorescence
  • Zeiss Axiocam HRc color camera with up to 13 megapixel resolution (4140 x 3096) in each color channel
  • User cost per hour: $10.00

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FEI Transmission Electron Microscope

  • High resolution TEM with top entry stage
  • High-Voltage range: 40 to 100kV in steps of 10kV
  • Intensity zoom: allows for constant screen brightness at different magnifications
  • Intensity limit: prevents electron beam intensity overload on sample
  • Magnification: 25 – 200000 x
  • Automatic saving of full exposure sequence
  • Integrated Dual Pentium PC with Windows operating system
  • User cost per hour: $30.00

Veritas Microsdissection System

  • UV Laser Cutting and LCM :
    • UV Laser Cutting ideal for non-soft tissues and capturing large numbers of cells
    • LCM (IR Laser) ideal for a single cell or a small number of cells
  • Stage, optical movement, cameras, filters, and objectives are completely computer and software controlled
  • Microdissection process is documented and archivable
  • Unlimited slide processing in batch mode.
  • High-sensitivity, variable integration time, color CCD video camera
  • Inverted microscope with 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x objectives
  • User cost per hour: $20.00

BioTek Synergy 4 Microplate Reader

  • Multi-detection microplate reader with hybrid technology
  • Read Method: End-point, Kinetic, spectral scanning, well-area scanning
  • Luminescence wavelength range: 300 – 700nm
  • Fluorescence wavelength selection: :250 – 800nm
  • Absorbance: 200 to 999 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments
  • Temperature control up to 50° C
  • Uses Gen5 software with Windows Vista and Office 2007
  • User cost per hour: $22.00